Domestica Neglectitis, brought on by acute MotoMania

For months now I have spent practically every free moment motoring around somewhere.  Whether it be vacationing in the mountains of West Virginia, rekindling old friendships in Connecticut, developing new bonds of friendship in Rhode Island, enjoying local roads along Maryland’s Eastern Shore or Pennsylvania’s Amish Country, or simply an early morning jaunt to work, I’ve put close to 3000 miles on my new bike and spent just about that many on the back of Jay’s.  Not that I am complaining!  I love every minute of it.  The problem is that it has caused me to fall WAY behind on domestic chores.

I probably have enough Harley Davidson t-shirts and tank tops to last the entire riding season without ever having to do laundry…but the other day, I noticed that my garden looked like this:

Garden BeforeGarden Before 2

This is not a joke, or some picture I found on the internet.  It is true.  I have been suffering from a severe case of Domestica Neglectitis.  Since Jay’s bike is in the shop this weekend, I took advantage of the opportunity to make our house look more like someone actually lives here rather than an abandoned shack!  Not only did all of the weeds go, but I actually transplanted a few things.  (I really am not much of a gardener, so I hope I didn’t kill them in doing so at the wrong time of year!)  I planted some daffodil & crocus bulbs, and added several bags of mulch.  What do you think?

Garden AfterGarden After 2

Tomorrow I may have to just go on a ride without Jay.  I can’t let another gorgeous day go by without cruising somewhere!