Don’t Try This At Home – Motorcycle Stunt Video

7 Responses to “Don’t Try This At Home – Motorcycle Stunt Video”

  1. I could do all those things…if I had the right bike! 🙂
    Seriously very cool, those guys are amazing, crazy, but amazing.

  2. I bet you could teach them a thing or two!

  3. Those sport bike riders are crazy. If I ever catch my son doing this, I’ll kill him. I don’t care if he’s 75 years old…I’ll still kill him! 🙂

  4. Crazy.

  5. We see guys doing this at the rallies all the time. It’s fun to watch, but I’ll never do it.

  6. This is why I decided to switch to cruisers. “I’m too old for this shit Riggs”. Have at it guys as long as you don’t go messin up my glory ride and stay the hell out of my way. lol

  7. I was on the road one day and out of nowhere they came up from behind and scared the sh** out of me. On the X-way.

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