Tell Me About Your Tattoo


Motorcycles and tattoos seem to go hand in hand. For most of my life I never really understood why anyone would want to get a tattoo.  Then I met Jay who has five tribal tats.  This was before either of us owned a Harley. I asked him to explain each of them to me on one of our first dates.  Some of his stories were fascinating.  The one where he got a tattoo that looked like Goldberg’s (the wrestler) because it was his birthday wasn’t so fascinating and did not do much for the cause! However I did start to become intrigued by the concept. 

I watched a few episodes of “Inked” and “Miami Ink”, and even a documentary on tattooing.  I talked to several people about their tattoos and listened carefully to their stories.  I began to come around.

I could understand the motivation, but I knew that if I were ever going to even consider getting a tattoo it would have to have special meaning.  I wondered what in my life might have that special of a meaning that I’d consider having it permanently engraved into my skin.

  • Tweety Bird? — no 
  • The Ravens? — no
  • Yuengling? — no
  • Harley Davidson? — no
  • The name of a special guy? — no
  • My children? — hmmmm….no

And then it hit me!  My mother had been killed in a tragic car accident about a dozen years back.  Her favorite flowers were very appropriately daisies.  A daisy represents innocence and virtue.  Nothing could embody her spirit more.  I could go with that….or could I?

OK, I found an acceptable subject, but did I really want a tattoo?  It will hurt, won’t it?  Do I want to embody that “tattoo culture” image?  Jay took me to a tattoo parlor and I looked at flash art and talked to some artists.  The idea became real to me.

After months of debate I finally decided to go for it. I made some sketches and brought them into one of the best tattoo shops in the area; Wild Card Studios. The tattoo artist took my vision and made an awesome rendering of a ring of daisies around my ankle. Getting the tattoo on my boney ankle hurt like hell but I’m glad I did it.  Months later when I married Jay, having the tattoo on my ankle made me feel as though my dear departed mother was there with me for my wedding day…and that was worth more than words can ever describe.

Ankle Left

Ankle Right

That’s my ankle at our wedding

Lately I’ve been considering getting another tat.  I’ve come to peace with some new subject matter, and I am working on the design.  Time will tell how it pans out.

I heard somewhere that it was an unwritten rule that you never walked up to an old school biker and asked what his tats represented.  But in this day and age the definition of a “biker” has evolved in most circles to include all motorcycle enthusiasts, not just the 1%-ers.  So I am asking you….

  • What tattoos do you have? 
  • What do they represent?
  • What made you decide to get them?
  • Would you consider getting more?

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