Motorcycle Helmets Should Be Required By Law

Easy Rider Helmets

Helmet Laws! Always a controversial topic among motorcyclists. We live in America baby and we should have the right to choose! Except one thing, too many of our peeps don’t have enough sense to make the right decision. If you don’t wear a helmet and you have a reason, please don’t be offended. I’m talking about about our young and upcoming bikers who don’t give it any thought. The teens and twenty somethings that think they are gonna live foreva! They’re just running with the cool crowd. More concerned with image than anything else. Not to mention there are plenty of newbies and unskilled riders out there in their thirties or older that should be protecting their head as well; but aren’t. 

Here in Delaware I see riders wearing no helmets most of the time. There are some riders wearing helmets, but no other protective gear! The kids are riding those rocket bikes at triple digits with top of the line helmets, a wife beata, baggy jeans and sneaks! They pass me on the highway like I’m standing still! We have tons of people riding all summer in beach attire! It’s crazy I tell you! They might as well ride naked! Do you value your head? Do you value your skin? Do you think you will never dump your bike? Do you have a protective force field that goes on automatically when a dumb ass cager cuts you off?! Have you ever lost a friend who wasn’t wearing his helmet or had a shitty helmet on?

Motorcyclists are dying from head injuries all the time. I don’t like to read about it and I wish we could do something about it. Is it fair to the friends and family of those who made a conscience decision not to wear their helmet and died because of it? What about those of us left to mourn the passing of loved ones? Is it worth it?!

A young soldier can go to Iraq and do a tour of duty and come home safely. After war his confidence and risk level is higher than your average person. He goes out and buys the fastest motorcycle he can get his hands on even though he has no riding experience. You know what happens next? He dies right here at home! It happens!

I would take away your freedom of choice if I could. The lives that would be saved would be worth the inconvenience to you my friend. I know these are fight’n words for those lucky enough to live in a state where you still have a choice. I just want you around as long as possible my friends. Protect your noggin! Do it for me, your friends and your family.