S100 Special Surfaces Cleaner & Plexus – Product Reviews

S100 Special Surfaces Cleaner

S100 Special Surfaces Cleaner will clean plastics like your helmet shield, motorcycle shield and if you have them… fairings. This white milky stuff in a pump bottle will clean your shield so clean you won’t even see it. It will take dead bugs off with ease. Although the product works great it doesn’t travel well. I put mine inside a zip lock bag and then inside a plastic shopping bag and somehow the milky substance still ends up in my saddlebag. I bought mine at New River Gorge Harley Davidson, I’m sure you won’t have any problem finding it at your local motorcycle supply shop. I don’t see it available at J&P Cycles or JC Whitney. Of course you can get it at Dennis Kirk.


Previously I used Plexus which I picked up at Harley Davidson of DuBois. Unlike S100, it is an aerosol product which travels better. It worked well enough but the aerosol has a funny smell and sure can stink up a Motel room so that you can’t breathe. I think I’m going to order some more Plexus from JC Whitney for traveling and keep the S100 Special Surfaces Cleaner at home. Remember to use the Plexus outdoors so you can breathe. Click here to see Plexus available at JC Whitney.

We had similar results with bug spray! No I don’t mean that you can clean your helmet shield with Off or Cutter! But we had a bottle of liquid Cutter in a pump bottle that leaked all over our stuff (not a pretty sight). Now I bring the aerosol can of Off instead and keep what’s left of the liquid Cutter at home.

What have we learned? Liquids in a pump work great but don’t travel well. The S100 Special Surfaces Cleaner is really good stuff. Don’t share a Motel room with anyone who cleans their helmet shield with Plexus while in the Motel room. Make them go outside to spray that stuff!

Another offical Road Captain USA Travel Tip from Jay: while traveling you can use a dirty sock from the day before as a rag to clean your helmet or motorcycle shield. Toss the dirty socks in the trash when you are done so that you don’t have to pack dirty laundry.