The Cure for Helmet Strap Slap

Diana’s Jet II Helmet

The motorcycle helmet gods are unfair! Why has Diana received special treatment and I’ve been snubbed?! A few years ago I bought a black Fulmer half helmet. Shortly after Diana bought the same exact helmet in the same size and color. There was one little difference: Diana’s helmet strap had a little snap on it to secure the loose end. Mine did not! Mine had a little red rubber band. Not a big deal… except this happened again! A year later I bought a black Harley Davidson Jet II three quarter helmet. I liked it so much I bought Diana a silver one. Again the helmet gods played their evil little trick! Once again I got a little red rubber band like thing (like a ponytail band) and Diana got a snap to secure the loose end of her chin strap. My helmet didn’t have a snap! Instead I get a slap! Slap to the neck! Slap to the chin! Slap to the cheek! Ouch! What did I do to deserve the wrath of the helmet gods?!

Lately the little red rubber band that is supposed to hold my strap end from slapping me about the head has become stretched/loose and I am getting bitch slapped left and right. This is so unfair! I couldn’t take it anymore! I had to act!

I “borrowed” a half inch self adhesive velcro coin from work (male & female). The self adhesive pieces of half inch round velcro didn’t want to stick to my helmet strap, so I crazy glued the muthers in place. Problem solved! Take that you unfair diety of noggin protection!

If you find yourself being punished by the cruel lashings of a loose helmet strap; do yourself a favor and get some velcro from your local arts & crafts store. Glue or sew the velcro in place. The punishment will end!

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13 Responses to “The Cure for Helmet Strap Slap”

  1. Just tuck the end underneath the chin strap, and you’re good.

  2. That’s a great tip!
    I take my strap tail end, and run it once back around, under itself to shorten it so it won’t flap. This works well, but is an extra step, and not the world’s most comfortable thing. I like your idea, and will definately be using it. Necessity is the mother of invention.

  3. I know some of you can’t or choose not to do this (where you still have a choice), but we solved that issue by not wearing a helmet at all! No strap slap here! Wind in your hair is medicine for your soul! 🙂

  4. We still have a choice here in Delaware and although I would love the rush of cool air over my bald head I always wear my helmet. A head injury even at slow speed is a very bad thing. To me it is not worth the risk. Not only do I wear a DOT approved helmet, but I wear the strap securely fastened.
    For now I’m going to have to live the romantic version of biking vicariously through Ann & Big D’s fictional and nonfictional accounts of riding in Arizona sans lid.

  5. while I agree with Ann, wind in the hair, medicine for the soul, here in Deleware I am fortunate as well not to have to wear a helmet, and Jay has good points as well for safety, I love the fact that I get to decide and choose whiether I wear one or not, I only do when the state requires it, but when I do, I use one of those strap clips that attach to either end, and click closed, the ends of the straps are very well secured and never flap, the use of these clips are consistent and quick to use, and can be adjusted very tight for people like jay that like to feel the euphoria of almost blacking out from lack of oxygen, oh wait…..thats during another one of his fetishes, LOL… any rate I like these small clips and have had good luck with them when I do wear a helmet, which as those who ride with me know, is ONLY when I have to, ( I stop at every state border and remove and or put on my helmet at the very first chance or last minute).

    ride safe, ride often, and let those who ride decide

    Skip AKA “Diesel”

  6. I have the same problem; my little rubber band thingy wore out too.

    Like Steve said, I just do a wrap & tuck around the tightened chin strap and I’m good to go.

  7. Ah, the wrap and tuck! My mind must be too convoluted to have seen the obvious solution. When Steve first suggested it I thought it would not be comfortable, but I guess I was wrong.

  8. All this debate and here I am, basking in the glory of both my helmets having a built-in strap snap! LMFAO Wuhahahahaaaa…

  9. LOL, the helmet gods have it out for you! I did that same fix on my helmet with the velcro. Works good! The red band needs to go. Viva le Revolution! KILL THE RED STRETCHY BAND THINGIES!

  10. I’m heading to the garage now with a pair of Irwin wire snippers to KILL THE RED STRETCHY BAND THINGY MUTHA F*#$%&

  11. FYI…there is a great little device called the quick release strap fastener. Costs just a couple bucks. I’ll try to find a pic and a site so I can post the info. I have one and it’s great. Once you get it on, and adjust it the way you need it, you just press two little clips inward for quick release and your melon is free!

  12. Great idea, thanks for the tip.

  13. Lady R, I checked out the quick-release fastener and it looks great…but how does it address the extra strap left over? Could you just cut it off after setting the proper adjustment? Or would you have to find some way to velcro it down so it doesn’t flap around in the wind?

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