The Cure for Helmet Strap Slap

Diana’s Jet II Helmet

The motorcycle helmet gods are unfair! Why has Diana received special treatment and I’ve been snubbed?! A few years ago I bought a black Fulmer half helmet. Shortly after Diana bought the same exact helmet in the same size and color. There was one little difference: Diana’s helmet strap had a little snap on it to secure the loose end. Mine did not! Mine had a little red rubber band. Not a big deal… except this happened again! A year later I bought a black Harley Davidson Jet II three quarter helmet. I liked it so much I bought Diana a silver one. Again the helmet gods played their evil little trick! Once again I got a little red rubber band like thing (like a ponytail band) and Diana got a snap to secure the loose end of her chin strap. My helmet didn’t have a snap! Instead I get a slap! Slap to the neck! Slap to the chin! Slap to the cheek! Ouch! What did I do to deserve the wrath of the helmet gods?!

Lately the little red rubber band that is supposed to hold my strap end from slapping me about the head has become stretched/loose and I am getting bitch slapped left and right. This is so unfair! I couldn’t take it anymore! I had to act!

I “borrowed” a half inch self adhesive velcro coin from work (male & female). The self adhesive pieces of half inch round velcro didn’t want to stick to my helmet strap, so I crazy glued the muthers in place. Problem solved! Take that you unfair diety of noggin protection!

If you find yourself being punished by the cruel lashings of a loose helmet strap; do yourself a favor and get some velcro from your local arts & crafts store. Glue or sew the velcro in place. The punishment will end!

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