Win A Custom Chopper

Irwin Vise-Grips Chopper

How would you like to win this custom-branded chopper valued at $25,000 built by East Coast Custom Cycles?

For years the Irwin Industrial Tools company received unsolicited stories from professional tradesmen, contractors and do-it-yourselfers about the unique ways they’ve used a Vise-Grip product outside its traditional use to solve various problems either in a pinch or as a permanent solution. Currently Irwin is running a contest called “Tell Us Your IRWIN VISE-GRIP Story”.

Consumers can enter their VISE-GRIP stories online. Entries must describe the way they used their VISE-GRIP in 100 words or less and can include a photo of the product in use. Entries must be received by October 31, 2008. Contest entries will be judged from Nov. 1 – 15, 2008 to identify the top 50 stories. The story entries will be selected based on creativity, originality and how the story fits with the product theme. Consumers will have a chance to vote on the top entries to help select the winner from Nov.16 – Dec. 19,2008. The contest winner will be announced Feb. 2009.

I can think of some Moto-Bloggers out there who probably have some great stories. Write a good story in 100 words or less, submit it, win a free chopper. Sounds like a good deal to me! Good luck!

Click here to go to the Irwin website and enter the contest.

11 Responses to “Win A Custom Chopper”

  1. “The brothers and I lost our arms shipment and wanted some payback. Since ball-peen hammers are a tell tale sign of an outlaw biker, we chose the more descreet vise-grip! I gotta hand it to you guys. You make a high quality product. Crushing nuts and pulling teeth has never been easier. We got our shipment back, extracted the information we needed and rode back to the crib where we used our new vice grips as roach clips for our 2 litre sized blunts. Thanks Vise-Grip!”

    Do yah think I’ll win RC ?!?!

  2. LMAO at dave! I’m sure the Vise-Grip people would love it!

  3. What’s next, the “creative uses of duct tape” contest??? (Hey, if it wins me a new bike…what the heck!!!) LOL

  4. Dave, you got me LOLing at work!

  5. I’m pretty handy, and have a lot of tools, have fixed a lot of things, but can’t think of a single one incident of using a vise grips that is worth writing about. I don’t think I could even think of a good one to make up! I’m sure the winner’s story will end up being something that we’ll say, ” Yeah, you couldn’t even make that sh*t up!”

    For those who enter, Good luck!

    As for the Duct tape… I like to call it Kentucky Chrome.

  6. I have a small pair of vise grips placed permanently on a water spicket on the front of my house because the knob is stripped. I don’t think my story is interesting enough to win the contest. You can click on the link above and read some of the stories. Some are interesting like the one where the guy attached a broken battery cable to the battery post with a pair of vise grips in his pick up and forgot about it. Drove the pick up for a long time like that.
    I think Dave’s story about the Sons Of Narcolepsy MC is much better. It’s ten times better than the writers at FX are spinning out on their new biker drama.
    Imagine what would happen if Dave and Big D went to Hollywood and became screen writers!

  7. Hey Dave, some guys came around looking for you today. I think they said they were from the ATF.

  8. The FBI stopped by here today asking if a coffee shop in California was the headquarters for an online criminal organization lead by unruley scooter riders. I told them I knew nothing about the use of common handtools for the use of torture on rival scooter gangs and I have never been on the Internet or heard of the Road Grits Cafe!

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  10. hey nothing has gona right for me for the past two year i lostmy job from aknee injury at work had 2 surgerys the last one was on oct 30 of 2008 and since i haven’t worked i have no health insurance now 34 yrs old just had to get my front top two teeth removed and four others will also have to go because of infection with money i don’t have so this year for christmas fuck my two front teeth i’ll take a chopper instead my christmas spirit is at an all time low at almost a bah humbug level if there is any real christmas sprit out there it would realy help me mentally and spiritually you probably have heard it all but thats for you to decide what eva whom ever does get it i wish them the best … peace and happyness to all and my god bless every one sincerly michael calcagno

  11. go and head and hook me up with a motorcycle.. thank’s

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