The Tao of Road Captainhood

Group motorcycle riding is a sport unto itself, different from riding solo. To illustrate my point please imagine a Blue Angels fighter pilot. He will use different skills and tactics if challenged to a one on one dog fight then when he is flying in formation with the famous 6 plane flight squadron. A group ride is usually planned and lead by a Road Captain. This individual gives his time and takes on the responsibility of leading the group because he enjoys sharing the sport of motorcycling with others. The Road Captain is essential to group riding. He is the warrior leading the tribe through the jungle. He is the strategist predicting what the highway will throw at us and deciding how we will approach the challenge. He is the planner, the navigator and most importantly the leader!

Blue Angels

There are Road Captains of all levels. Each is traveling on their own journey to mastering the art of Road Captainhood. No one starts out from day one as a black belt. Like a Samurai warrior or Kung Fu master, the Road Captain develops his skills over time. Someday I hope to be a wise old master Road Captain who can look up at the sky, listen to the wind and know from the flow of energy in the universe which direction to travel, which road to take, how fast to ride and when to take a comfort break. For those of you who travel solo this might sound strange. For those of you who ride in a diverse group, you understand the challenge of trying to please everyone.

Mr Miagi

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