Amish Farms & Susquehanna River Ride – Pennsylvania Motorcycle Route

The first official Road Captain USA Motorcycle Route!

Amish Farms & Susquehanna River Ride - Motorcycle Route

Amish Farms & Susquehanna River Ride

200 Miles, 8 Hours, Delaware & Pennsylvania

This is for advanced riders who can handle tight twisty roads and ride for 200 miles

  1. Start from the Deer Park Tavern on Main Street in Newark, DE (reccomend leaving at 10:00am)
  2. Right onto Rt 896 North
  3. Right onto Rt 372 East
  4. Left onto Rt 41 to Gap, PA
  5. Stop at Wawa in Gap, PA for fuel, food and restrooms
  6. Right back onto Rt 41
  7. Left onto Rt 30 at the traffic light
  8. Take the next right onto Rt 772 at the traffic light
  9. Follow Rt 772 to Manheim, PA
  10. Pull into the back parking lot of  Twin Kiss Family Restaurant for lunch (get frosty mug of rootbeer)
  11. Right exiting the front of the parking lot onto Rt 772
  12. Follow 772 all the way to the end in Marietta, PA
  13. Take a left onto 441 South
  14. There is a Rutters on the right if you need a pitstop
  15. Follow 441 South to 462 West
  16. Cross the Columbia-Wrightsville Bridge
  17. Follow 462 West (lots of traffic lights)
  18. Take a left onto Rt 24 South to Red Lion, PA
  19. In Red Lion, PA take a left onto Rt 74
  20. Left onto Rt 425 (this road is awesome)
  21. Right onto Rt 624 (this is a great road too)
  22. Pull into Lauxmont Farms on the right to check out the scenery and get farm fresh ice cream
  23. Right back onto Rt 624
  24. You need to go back across the Columbia-Wrightsville Bridge on Rt 462 East
  25. Watch carefully for the sign for 462 East and take a left (if you go under the bridge you passed it)
  26. Go up to Stop sign and make a right and then another right to get onto the bridge
  27. Right onto 441 South (S Front Street / Water Street)
  28. Follow Rt 441 South to the end
  29. Follow River Road (River Road is challenging, do not attempt in the dark or during inclimate weather)
  30. Quick left/right at Route 324 stay on River Road
  31. Left onto Rt 372 East
  32. Follow 372 East to Rt 896 South
  33. 896 South will take you back to Newark, DE

If you need to shorten the trip or are not up to the challenge of River Road you can take Route 30 East. At step #27 you would take a left onto Rt 441 North. Catch Rt 30 East a few blocks up. You can take Rt 896 South in Lancaster to get back to Newark, DE. Or you can take Rt 41 in Gap (Gap Newport Road) to Rt 2 Kirkwood Highway in Delaware.

For those of you with loud exhaust pipes you may want to avoid downtown Newark, DE where you may be fined by the police. If this is the case use Rt 41 instead of 896. You can catch Rt 41 at Rt 2 Kirkwood Highway near Prices Corner. This is Newport-Gap Pike Road. You can take Rt 41 Newport Gap Pike Road all the way to the Wawa in Gap, PA.

Sidenote: you can grab a good breakfast at the Deerpark Tavern or the Gap Diner across the street from the Wawa.

In the near future, I will release an abridged version of this route for less advanced riders as well as a product review of Microsoft Streets & Trips which I use to make my maps.

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