We Flew Solo to Connecticut – Day 1

Our Shadow

Diana and I took our first motorcycle trip by ourselves on the Lowrider over Labor Day weekend. Previously we went to Rhode Island with a friend, but all of our other trips have been with our HOG chapter. As the rider it was alot less on my mind to just be concerned with myself and traffic. I’m the kind of person who is always thinking and worrying. To only be concerned with myself was much more relaxing. On the other hand there is a small amount of discomfort knowing that if anything should go wrong, I’m on my own. The trip went very smoothly and we had a fantastic time.

Diana is almost ready

Jay is ready to roll

The mission was twofold. This was officially the pre-ride for our 2008 Fall Peeper trip in October. We were also going to reconnect with my best friend and roommate from college who I lost touch with over 10 years ago. John and his wife were hosting a Labor Day barbeque and family party. We were invited as weekend guests. I was also going to try to meet up with the Assistant Director and Head Road Captain of the Ghost HOG chapter who visits Road Captain USA and often leaves comments under the handle Doorman.

Leaving Delaware

NJ Turnpike

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