Product Updates – Do we still like these products?

Along our New England fall trip pre-ride, Jay and I were able to expand on our analysis of many items we’ve reviewed before.  The following product updates are the result.

Air Hawk 2

Roho AirHawk Seat Cushion  Click for original review

This spectacular product continues to be super cushy for my tushy!  Actually, it lost a little bit of air sitting on a shelf during 6 weeks of non-use, and the cushion did not quite live up to my original review in this slightly underinflated state.  (But it was still WAY better than not having it!!!)  From what I have read, it is not advisable to overinflate the AirHawk either.  So take the time to adjust the inflation carefully.  I wish there was some way to measure the pressure in it…like a Sleep Number bed!

Crampbuster 2

Cramp Buster  Click for original review

It is nice that this little gadget is adjustable “on the fly.”  The Throttle Rocker is not.  If it slips slightly, you can easily spin the Cramp Buster around to the corrected position while riding.  You can change the position for highway riding where you need to open the throttle more than backroad riding. If you don’t have cruise control, I would highly recommend getting a Cramp Buster to alleviate some of the wrist stress on your throttle hand.

I tried this product on my Sporty back in June.  The handlebars on that bike were angled towards the rider quite a bit, so your twist on the throttle is at an angle….an angle that does not agree too well with the Carmp Buster!  I found that extensive use in this manner actually just transferred the stress up to my shoulder because of the strange angle.  This product works best with handlebars that go relatively straight outward (drag style).

Swingwing Footpegs on the highway

Kuryakyn Swingwing Footpegs  Click for original review

Particularly when used by a passenger, it is important not to place your feet on the extended portion of the footpeg while riding twisties or any other severe turns.  The extra distance out from the bike works like a lever, and even the slight additional pressure that will be placed on the lean-side peg has serious consequences for balance.  When you are already riding in a leaned-over position, balance is not something you want to compromise.  It is definitely best to use the “cruise” position while cruising – – down a highway for example.  I still highly recommend swingwing footpegs to add just a little stretch capabilities for your legs while you ride.

Detachable Windshield  Click for original review

Still trying to figure out the turbulence thing.  Apparently the shield is too high and the turbulance is hitting the dome of the helmet. Jay needs a shorter one so the turbulance will hit lower.

Baja T-bag by T-Bags   Click for original review

This bag continues to be one of our most frequently used accessories.  It carries paperwork for club rides & meetings, pirate costumes, whatever!  After much use, the rubber bottom is beginning to sag over the edges of the luggage rack so that it partially hides the license plate.  No cop has ever taken issue with it, but of course it is one more thing for Jay to worry about!  (LOL)  So far there is really no other wear and tear.  It is a very securely made product.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that this little bag does not provide enough storage capacity for an extended trip riding two-up.  We have become quite adept at packing one saddlebag for each of us when we travel, leaving a small amount of room to shed layers as the day gets warmer.  We pack the tool kit, first aid kit, sunscreens and rain gear in the Baja’s main compartment, and wallets/cell phones in the pocket.  This pretty much packs us to the gills – – leaving no room for shopping, a pair of comfortable walking shoes, or extra layers for cold weather.  We will soon need to make a decision between two options: (1) get a bigger bag, or (2) start carrying some luggage on Di’s bike – – oh yeah, that means Jay will have to let me take my bike on long trips!!!  We shall see….

Taking a reading

CruzTOOLS Digital Tire Gauge   Click for original review

Take several readings in a row without making any adjustment to the amount of air in the tire, and you may get a different reading .  I’m sure it is only off by a decimal point or two, but it stresses Jay out nonetheless. Jay is not happy with the digital and wishes he got a conventional gauge.

CruzTOOLS TirePro Digital Tire Gauge

Me and my jacket, 2 peas in a pod

Harley-Davidson Blue Train Jacket   Click for original review

I worried when I spent $200 on my jacket that it might not get much use because it seemed too heavy for hot weather.  Boy was I wrong!  With a turtleneck thermal underneath I can be warm at temperatures in the 50-degree range.  On the other hand, temperatures well into the 80’s are quite bearable while stripped down to a tank top under the jacket.  The vents are fabulous, especially when cruising at 50, 60, or 70 mph.  It was pushing 90 degrees as we returned home on Monday, but I was perfectly comfortable cruising down the New Jersey Turnpike.  I only wanted to die from heat exhaustion when we pulled into a rest area or had to ride through city traffic and stoplights.

Diana’s new Harley Davidson Jacket Jay’s favorite butt, and rear view of jacket

I continue to get compliments on the jacket’s style and fit from riders and non-riders alike.  It was definitely well worth the investment.  I think I will be wearing this stylin’ jacket for a very long time!

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  1. Thanks for the product reviews updates. very usefull information!

  2. Great updates! I still LOVE that jacket! 🙂

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