Product Updates – Do we still like these products?

Along our New England fall trip pre-ride, Jay and I were able to expand on our analysis of many items we’ve reviewed before.  The following product updates are the result.

Air Hawk 2

Roho AirHawk Seat Cushion  Click for original review

This spectacular product continues to be super cushy for my tushy!  Actually, it lost a little bit of air sitting on a shelf during 6 weeks of non-use, and the cushion did not quite live up to my original review in this slightly underinflated state.  (But it was still WAY better than not having it!!!)  From what I have read, it is not advisable to overinflate the AirHawk either.  So take the time to adjust the inflation carefully.  I wish there was some way to measure the pressure in it…like a Sleep Number bed!

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