Motorcycle Helmets Should Be Required By Law

Easy Rider Helmets

Helmet Laws! Always a controversial topic among motorcyclists. We live in America baby and we should have the right to choose! Except one thing, too many of our peeps don’t have enough sense to make the right decision. If you don’t wear a helmet and you have a reason, please don’t be offended. I’m talking about about our young and upcoming bikers who don’t give it any thought. The teens and twenty somethings that think they are gonna live foreva! They’re just running with the cool crowd. More concerned with image than anything else. Not to mention there are plenty of newbies and unskilled riders out there in their thirties or older that should be protecting their head as well; but aren’t. 

Here in Delaware I see riders wearing no helmets most of the time. There are some riders wearing helmets, but no other protective gear! The kids are riding those rocket bikes at triple digits with top of the line helmets, a wife beata, baggy jeans and sneaks! They pass me on the highway like I’m standing still! We have tons of people riding all summer in beach attire! It’s crazy I tell you! They might as well ride naked! Do you value your head? Do you value your skin? Do you think you will never dump your bike? Do you have a protective force field that goes on automatically when a dumb ass cager cuts you off?! Have you ever lost a friend who wasn’t wearing his helmet or had a shitty helmet on?

Motorcyclists are dying from head injuries all the time. I don’t like to read about it and I wish we could do something about it. Is it fair to the friends and family of those who made a conscience decision not to wear their helmet and died because of it? What about those of us left to mourn the passing of loved ones? Is it worth it?!

A young soldier can go to Iraq and do a tour of duty and come home safely. After war his confidence and risk level is higher than your average person. He goes out and buys the fastest motorcycle he can get his hands on even though he has no riding experience. You know what happens next? He dies right here at home! It happens!

I would take away your freedom of choice if I could. The lives that would be saved would be worth the inconvenience to you my friend. I know these are fight’n words for those lucky enough to live in a state where you still have a choice. I just want you around as long as possible my friends. Protect your noggin! Do it for me, your friends and your family.

S100 Special Surfaces Cleaner & Plexus – Product Reviews

S100 Special Surfaces Cleaner

S100 Special Surfaces Cleaner will clean plastics like your helmet shield, motorcycle shield and if you have them… fairings. This white milky stuff in a pump bottle will clean your shield so clean you won’t even see it. It will take dead bugs off with ease. Although the product works great it doesn’t travel well. I put mine inside a zip lock bag and then inside a plastic shopping bag and somehow the milky substance still ends up in my saddlebag. I bought mine at New River Gorge Harley Davidson, I’m sure you won’t have any problem finding it at your local motorcycle supply shop. I don’t see it available at J&P Cycles or JC Whitney. Of course you can get it at Dennis Kirk.


Previously I used Plexus which I picked up at Harley Davidson of DuBois. Unlike S100, it is an aerosol product which travels better. It worked well enough but the aerosol has a funny smell and sure can stink up a Motel room so that you can’t breathe. I think I’m going to order some more Plexus from JC Whitney for traveling and keep the S100 Special Surfaces Cleaner at home. Remember to use the Plexus outdoors so you can breathe. Click here to see Plexus available at JC Whitney.

We had similar results with bug spray! No I don’t mean that you can clean your helmet shield with Off or Cutter! But we had a bottle of liquid Cutter in a pump bottle that leaked all over our stuff (not a pretty sight). Now I bring the aerosol can of Off instead and keep what’s left of the liquid Cutter at home.

What have we learned? Liquids in a pump work great but don’t travel well. The S100 Special Surfaces Cleaner is really good stuff. Don’t share a Motel room with anyone who cleans their helmet shield with Plexus while in the Motel room. Make them go outside to spray that stuff!

Another offical Road Captain USA Travel Tip from Jay: while traveling you can use a dirty sock from the day before as a rag to clean your helmet or motorcycle shield. Toss the dirty socks in the trash when you are done so that you don’t have to pack dirty laundry.

The Cure for Helmet Strap Slap

Diana’s Jet II Helmet

The motorcycle helmet gods are unfair! Why has Diana received special treatment and I’ve been snubbed?! A few years ago I bought a black Fulmer half helmet. Shortly after Diana bought the same exact helmet in the same size and color. There was one little difference: Diana’s helmet strap had a little snap on it to secure the loose end. Mine did not! Mine had a little red rubber band. Not a big deal… except this happened again! A year later I bought a black Harley Davidson Jet II three quarter helmet. I liked it so much I bought Diana a silver one. Again the helmet gods played their evil little trick! Once again I got a little red rubber band like thing (like a ponytail band) and Diana got a snap to secure the loose end of her chin strap. My helmet didn’t have a snap! Instead I get a slap! Slap to the neck! Slap to the chin! Slap to the cheek! Ouch! What did I do to deserve the wrath of the helmet gods?!

Lately the little red rubber band that is supposed to hold my strap end from slapping me about the head has become stretched/loose and I am getting bitch slapped left and right. This is so unfair! I couldn’t take it anymore! I had to act!

I “borrowed” a half inch self adhesive velcro coin from work (male & female). The self adhesive pieces of half inch round velcro didn’t want to stick to my helmet strap, so I crazy glued the muthers in place. Problem solved! Take that you unfair diety of noggin protection!

If you find yourself being punished by the cruel lashings of a loose helmet strap; do yourself a favor and get some velcro from your local arts & crafts store. Glue or sew the velcro in place. The punishment will end!

Side Note: there are 3 days left to get $15 off any order of $100 or $50 off any order of $250 from JC Whitney. Use promotion code DEDAJX8. Offer ends Monday. This is a good time to order any winter supplies like a battery tender or fuel stabilizer.

Accessories for your Harley Davidson®

Win A Custom Chopper

Irwin Vise-Grips Chopper

How would you like to win this custom-branded chopper valued at $25,000 built by East Coast Custom Cycles?

For years the Irwin Industrial Tools company received unsolicited stories from professional tradesmen, contractors and do-it-yourselfers about the unique ways they’ve used a Vise-Grip product outside its traditional use to solve various problems either in a pinch or as a permanent solution. Currently Irwin is running a contest called “Tell Us Your IRWIN VISE-GRIP Story”.

Consumers can enter their VISE-GRIP stories online. Entries must describe the way they used their VISE-GRIP in 100 words or less and can include a photo of the product in use. Entries must be received by October 31, 2008. Contest entries will be judged from Nov. 1 – 15, 2008 to identify the top 50 stories. The story entries will be selected based on creativity, originality and how the story fits with the product theme. Consumers will have a chance to vote on the top entries to help select the winner from Nov.16 – Dec. 19,2008. The contest winner will be announced Feb. 2009.

I can think of some Moto-Bloggers out there who probably have some great stories. Write a good story in 100 words or less, submit it, win a free chopper. Sounds like a good deal to me! Good luck!

Click here to go to the Irwin website and enter the contest.

Harley Davidson Biker Fashion and My New Vest

I am guilty of two biker blogger blunders! No I don’t mean my spelling mistakes. First I ridiculed Harley Davidson fashion shows in two posts back in May. Many of you openly disagreed with me and felt these fashion shows added value to our culture. Then I was slow to get on board with my vest even though other bloggers touted the greatness of this iconic garment of the open road. I just didn’t think the black leather biker vest was me. I was wrong! Now that I finally have my First State HOG patches… I GET IT!

In order to pay retribution to the fans, producers and models of Harley Davidson Fashion Shows… I bring you another great masterpiece from Diana’s video studio. Without futher delay, I introduce: My Vest!

Microsoft Streets and Trips 2008 – Map Software Product Review

Microsoft Streets & Trips mapping software

I find this software infinitely useful and highly recommend you buy it now unless you have a better “make your own map” solution. In that case please share in the comments section what you suggest.

Using this software you can zoom in on any area in the country to help you study motorcycle ride routes and how to get to unfamiliar places. It has a “Find” feature where you can enter a place and let the software find the location for you. You can also view restaurants, gas stations, motels and other important landmarks on the map using built in software functions.

I use the software to make my own ride maps. I crop the area that I want to see at the proper magnification that gives me the information I want to see, then I print it on 8.5″ x 11″ paper. I trace my route with a marker and sometimes a highlighter. Then I place it in my map holder on my tank and I’m good to go. This system has been working great for me. Below is my map of the Southern Berkshires; a ride route I read about in Motorcycle Journeys Through New England.

Berkshires map

I don’t like how the software creates a ride route, so I don’t use that function. It is not user friendly. You have to select many points along the route for the computer to follow the specific path you desire. If you don’t, the software will pick a slightly different route than you intended. If the computer highlights the route for you, in my opinion it makes it more difficult to see the route. Each of the selected data points will be shown which makes the map very cluttered and hard to read. The only good thing about having the computer outline the route is it gives you time and distance information. I’ll stick to my Sharpie for tracing the ride route!

Another thing I don’t like about the software is it comes on DVD. My computer has a DVD drive, but Diana’s does not. She is bummed she doesn’t have the software on her computer.

Before we got this software we had our own method to make maps. Diana would print about twenty sections of the ride using Map Quest. She would print out the little maps which were about 5″ x 6″. We would have to trim them out of 8.5″ x 11″ paper with scissors and tape them together like a big puzzle. It was a big arts and crafts project to make a map this way.

I like this software for the simple function of zooming in on an area I’m interested in and printing an 8.5″ x 11″ map with the option of printing it landscape or portrait. For our Connecticut trip I had maps of the local HD dealership, my friend’s neighborhood, our Motel, restaurants and of course our ride routes. I was prepared to navigate anywhere we needed to go. I did not have that I’m lost because I don’t know the area feeling.

The enlarged blowup sections of local roads is so much more helpful than a Road Atlas or traditional street map. Let’s say you’re going on someone else’s ride and you are unfamiliar with the area, or you are going to help lead a Poker Run. All your friends give you is a list of turn-by-turn directions. You can get on your computer and print out detailed maps and you are prepared for anything! There is no way you will get lost. If your motorcycle breaks down, you can let your friends go on ahead and you can catch up with them later.

I highly recommend you bust out $40 and buy this! Anyone who likes to plan trips will find this software helpful. I think it is especially helpful for Road Captains.

Click here for more information on this very useful software.