MAV Bike Show and Blues Festival – August 16th, 2008

MAV Bikes & Blues Festival 2008

Diana and I have been fortunate enough to become officers within the MAV organization earlier this year. The Motorcycle Accident Victims Foundation is a grassroots local charity formed by members of First State HOG back in 1994. MAV is an approved 501(c)3 charitable organization and is listed with the United Way.

MAV offers financial assistance to injured motorcyclists in the Delaware and Maryland area. I think we cover parts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey also.  The motorcyclist has to have a motorcycle endorsement, the proper insurance and be sober at the time of the accident in order for MAV to consider their case.

We are a 100% volunteer organization under the AMA. The Bike Show & Blues Festival is our primary fund raiser to raise the money which is used help bikers who have had an accident.

Diana and I helped with the event most of the day yesterday. It was alot of work setting up the tents, directing traffic, selling merchandise, taking pictures and then breaking down the tents and putting everything away… but it is very rewarding.

I would like to personally thank the 5 volunteers from my HOG chapter who came to help. Thank you Bob, Bob, Alice, Bek and Earnie!

Now here is what you really want, pictures! 

Setting up tents

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The 3rd Annual Rally for RAACE Sunday August 17th


Attention Delaware and Maryland motorcyclists…

You are invited to participate in the 3rd Annual Rally for RAACE which includes a 46 mile police escorted ride, live bands and family entertainment at Chesapeake Harley Davidson. I will lead First State HOG members on a ride from Newark, DE to Jones Junction in Bel Air, MD where the police escorted ride will begin. This will be my first ride as an “official” Road Captain.

The RAACE Foundation is a Maryland based organization that is committed to raising public awareness in order to prevent child sexual abuse. RAACE stands for Race Against Abuse of Children Everywhere.

Click here to find out more about RAACE

Click here to donate to RAACE online

Click here to find out more about the Rally for RAACE

2008 MAV Bike & Blues Festival Saturday August 16th

MAV Bikes & Blues Festival 2008

Attention Delaware and Maryland motorcyclists….

You are invited to take part in the 2008 MAV Bike Show & Blues Festival tomorrow. This is our primary fund raiser and we look forward to your support. The 2008 event will take place at Carousel Park on Saturday, August 16th and promises to attract hundreds of motorcyclists.

As you know times are tough, they are even tougher for those motorcyclists who have been injured in an accident. Anyone of us could be seriously hurt in an accident on any given day and unable to pay our bills while recovering from injuries. Motorcycle Accident Victims Inc. (M.A.V.) is an approved 501(c)3 charitable organization  founded in 1994 and listed with the United Way. We provide financial assistance to Delaware and Maryland bikers who have been in an accident that was clearly not their fault. The MAV Foundation is an all volunteer organization and has been providing assistance to bikers and their families for over a decade. We rely on your support at our fund raisers to provide this invaluable assistance to our extended family. By participating in the MAV Bike Show & Blues Festival you will be supporting the cause. Proceeds from the show benefit injured bikers.

I Am Officially a HOG Road Captain

HOG RC Patch

I was patched as an official HOG Road Captain for the First State HOG chapter earlier this evening. I am very proud of this accomplishment and thank everyone who supported me including our Road Captains, Road Captain Prospects, and members who participate in my rides. 

When I dubbed this website I never meant to imply I was a Road Captain. I started going by the online handle Road Captain on other blogs and biker forums only as a way to create visibility for my site. I clearly stated on my About Page that I was the FSH Activities Officer. Some of you may have been disappointed to find out I was not officially a real Road Captain. I considered myself a Road Captain of the Internet; through my blog posts I can guide you and give you useful information that will make your biking experience better.

The more I immersed myself in writing my posts and group riding with our club the position of Road Captain began to interest me more and more. There is sort of an art form to being a Road Captain. It’s like zen biker martial arts with elements of karma, style, intuition, wisdom and the ability to execute the moves correctly. I also liken the RC patch to the black belt. Like Mr Miagi pointed out to young Danielson, it’s your skill and accomplsihments that make you a black belt… not the belt itself.

Now that I have earned the patch, I am glad to finally be legitimate! Thank you all for bearing with me and now that I am legit I hope you continue to read my blog and participate in my rides.

Virginia is for Lovers, and Motorcyclists Too!

Lexington & Roanoke Visitors Guide

Last October our HOG chapter took a trip to Skyline Drive which runs through Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. Skyline Drive was awesome and some of the Virginia byways we took on the way home were fantastic. I look forward to more trips to Virginia. I especially want to visit Lexington and Roanoke. This area started catering to the motorcycle touring community and put out a brochure and a visitors guide in 2007 with us in mind. The brochure is called Roanoke Valley & Rockbridge Rides and it features 5 mapped out motorcycle routes. See or call 1-800-635-5535 to get your brochure. See or call 1-877-453-9822 for the visitors guide.

Roanoke Valley Rides

What makes the perfect ride?

Some riders like to soak up the scenery. Others like to hug the curves. Some might choose tree-lined roads where you’re as likely to see a deer as a car. Others prefer historic towns and country barns. Or maybe a carpet of city lights from a perch high atop a mountain.

In Southwest Virginia, one 50-mile stretch serves up an asphault buffet to cover just about every taste for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Also visit for more travel information and click here to order a FREE map of scenic roads.

You can also visit for more information on American Scenic Byways or purchase the National Geographic Guide to Scenic Highways & Byways.

National Geographic Guide to Scenic Highways & Byways

Thanks Ann for giving me the idea to post about Virginia.

Free Catalogs at

Plan Your Own West Virginia Motorcycle Trip

West Virginia Byways Brochures

We had such a fantastic trip to West Virginia last month that I hope all motorcyclists in the Mid Atlantic region schedule their own trip to this motorcycle playground. It’s a big state and you can’t do it all in one trip. That’s why we made our trip a 5 day journey and we still only nipped the tip of the iceberg.

There are plenty of materials to help plan your own trip like the above brochures which are free. Contact the West Virginia Department of Transportation at 304-558-3165. You can also contact the West Virginia Division of Tourism at 1-800-CALL WVA.

The below pictured brochure is awesome! It has 8 motorcycle routes with maps and directions. Call 304-252-2244 for this one.

 Southern West Virginia Motorcycle Tours

Also make sure to visit to read about all the great byways in West Virginia.

You can also visit my Amazon bookstore for the MAD MAPS Atlantic Region Part 1 that covers scenic routes in Virgina, West Virginia, Maryland and Delaware (click here). For information on the National Geographic Guide to Scenic Highways & Byways click here.

MAD MAPS Atlantic Part 1