Sportster Powered Streetluge

Power Street Luge

If any of you read my post on the 2008 Mid Atlantic Motorcycle Show in Timonium, MD then you might remember Roland Morrison and his 1200 Sportster powered Streetluge. Roland and his daughter Jenna are two of five known power streetlugers. Roland is currently looking for a sponsor for the World of Speed event at the Bonnevile Salt Flats in September. He will surely be looking to set another world record at that event. In June Roland broke the world record at 115.13 MPH in the 1/4 mile at the Maryland International Raceway. Yall can catch Roland at the All Harley Drag Racing event at Rockingham, NC in October. He’ll be trying to beat his own record once again!

1200cc Harley Davidson Engine on a skateboard

A Streetluge is like a long skateboard that crazy people lay on and go down steep hills at break neck speeds. A powered streetluge is like an even bigger skateboard with either a jet or conventional engine that propels it even faster with even crazier people on board. Check out this video if you still don’t get I’m talk’n about.

So what kind of person does this? Well here is an RC USA exclusive interview with the speedster.

1. Do you ride a motorcycle?  Yes, my current ride is a 1980 Harley-Davidson® Sturgis in original condition.

2. How did you get into power streetluging?  I have been racing gravity powered Streetluge since 2000.  Intrigued by what others had built (rocket powered and jet powered) and their attempts at reaching the infamous 100mph mark I built a 100cc Powered Streeluge and reached the mark in April 2006 with a run of 103mph.

3. Why did you choose the Harley 1200 engine?  While discussing options like a 125cc or 250cc with a friend he jokingly suggested I pull the motor from a Sportster® I had. To me it wasn’t a joke but a challenge.  The ideal of designing and building a Sportster® Powered Streetluge is the kind of challenge I like.  Plus the Sportster® motor is narrow and easy to work on should you have problems and there is a world of aftermarket parts you can install to gain add power. 

4. What are your goals with this sport?  My goal with the 1200cc has always been to push the record to 150mph on the salt flats.  I figure the others will not be able to beat that or the idea of going 150mph 1.5 inches off the ground will not be some thing they want to attempt.

5. Is the sport dangerous?  Just about any attempt at setting a new land speed record is dangerous.  My argument when it comes to safety is you are putting your life on the line with every attempt so take all the precautions you can.

6. How do you feel about your daughter being involved in the sport?  My daughter Jenna has been racing gravity powered
Streetluges since 2000 also and she is much more conservative then me.  At the Texas Mile event last year I went down the cause with the throttle wide open each time on each ettempt, she make 6 runs and progressed on each to reach 102mph.  If she runs faster then me on the salt flats in September I’ll be the proudest father there.

7. What is that you like about this sport?  The building and the speed.  I have been a speed freak all my life testing everything I’ve had control of from motorcycles to cars to airplanes to Streetluges.  There is nothing like building a vehicle for speed and then seeing what it will do.

8. How do you feel about helmet laws?  I started riding when I was 4 years old and event back then (1964) I had a half helmet strapped to my head.  You would think that being an extreme sports athlete I would be against a helmet law on the other hand I do not see how a helmet law protects others it only protect you.  I believe in should be the choice of the rider.  law or no law you will not see me riding without a helmet simple because a fall at 5mph can end your riding days.

9. How do you feel about loud motorcycle pipes on street legal motorcycles?  It doesn’t take decibels for a bike to sound good and it some cases your not doing the engine any good.
10. What would you do if you became the owner of the Harley Davidson® company? Good One.

1. Sponsor the Harley-Davidson® Land Speed Challenge for motorcycles.  A six event series held around the world each year.  1st America East Coast, 2nd Europe, 3rd South Africa, 4th Asia, 5th Australia and the 6th and final event would be held on the Bonneville Salt Flats.
2. Harley-Davidson® has isolated it’s self from the community in several ways.  Each year bring in a different designer to add their flavor to a bike.  This needs to be done as soon as possible because regretfully we will never see a Harley-Davidson® Indian Larry Bobber.
3. Establish the Motorcycle Hall of Fame at the new museum to honor designers, racers, engineers, collectors, promoters and anyone who has had a great impact on the motorcycle world.  The first 100 would be inducted and then 5 each year.  Nominees would be by committee and open to the public with voting to be done by the public.   Our history as motorcycle enthusiast needs to be remembered and honored.
4. Require each Harley-Davidson® dealership to promote three local events each year.  One motorcycle event to promote Harley-Davidson®, one community event to promote community efforts and one charity event to promote community efforts to promote good will.  Money output for the community event would be matched by the corporation and money collected for the charity event would be matched by the corporation.

5. Establish a global racing effort/presents to promote racing and Harley-Davidson®.
6. Demand that every Harley-Davidson® dealership have at least on spot of grease or oil on the floor at all times and one poster on the wall that does not have the HD logo.