Planning a Trip to Western Connecticut

Labor Day weekend is coming! I’m going to visit my long lost best friend from college who lives in the Danbury area. In addition to catching up on old times with my bud I’m doing some preride recon for our HOG Fall 2008 peeper trip. I hope everyone knows what a peeper is. I know Joker, Ann, Big D, Crusty, Rippin Kitten and Doorman will all know.

In addition to the AAA map and my trusty HOG Touring Handbook I am using the following resources:

Ride Connecticut Offical Motorcycle Map: How cool is this? Connecticut has an Offical Motorcycle Map! And it’s FREE! Visit if you want to get this FREE map of suggested motorcycle routes in Connecticut. Or call 1-800-872-7433.

Ride Connecticut Official Motorcycle Map

Moto Maps Connecticut & Rhode Island: If you have been reading my blog for awhile you know I like these little handy dandy maps of scenic day rides published by the New Hampshire based Moto Maps. There is a 129 mile 4 hour loop covering western Connecticut that will provide the basis for the scenic portion of my HOG Fall Peeper trip in October. Youcan purchase Moto-maps through my online store at or Click here for more information on this Moto Map.

Moto Map CT

Motorcycle Journeys Through New England: Whitehorse Press publishes a series of motorcycle touring books. Obviously this is the New England book. It has three loops in the Berkshires. I think I will combine the Southern Berkshire loop with the Moto Map route. Click here for more information on this book.

Motorcycle Journeys Through New England

Click here for information on other touring books available through the RC USA Amazon book store.

3 Responses to “Planning a Trip to Western Connecticut”

  1. Danbury is a great town with some really fantastic riding in the area. Couple of things to not miss

    1) Marcus Dairy Bar Exit 3 (Rte 7) off of I-84. Sty to the right and get off the first exit ramp. Sunday Mornings the place is a biker mecca.

    2) Route 7 North to Kent Falls State Park. Exit 7 off of I-84 Eastbound turns in to Rte 7. about 30 miles north on Rte 7 is Kent, CT. It’s a really quaint village with artsy shops and a nice chocolate store “downtown” A few miles north of there on the right is Kent Falls State Park. Really nice waterfalls. Very scenic.

    Sorry I haven’t been around lately. It’s been nutty all over this August. Drop me an email and we’ll see where we can squeeze a drink or two at Rosy Tomorrow’s (your college friend will know it).


  2. Oh and the Danbury HOG Chapter meets pretty much every Sunday at Marcus at around 9:00 or 10:00 AM. The have some roads that I don’t even know about…. They are true Iron Butts, BTW.

    My Chapter is heading to a private gig this weekend, so I have to check with the sponsor to see if he’s cool about guests.

  3. Thanks for the info Rob. I’ll be preriding the route including Route 7 through Kent on Saturday. Hope we get a chance to grab that drink.

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