Blue Job Chrome Polish vs Mother’s Chrome Polish

Harley Davidson Highway Peg Mounting Kit for Dyna part# 49019-5

Blue Job truly is an amazing product! It is not your avaerage chrome polish; it is a deoxidizing agent. It reverses the affects of oxidation!

My buddy Diesel offered to give me the chrome highway peg mounting plates from his Dyna Street Bob. My Dyna Low Rider came with black mounting plates and he no longer needed his chrome ones since he installed the Kuryakyn Forward Controls. We all know bikers cherish chrome, especially free chrome!

Diana bought her new Super Glide before Diesel got the chrome goodies to me. The Super Glide did not come with the highway pegs, so I called Diesel and told him I needed the whole highway peg mount and not just the mounting plates. He said no problem and brought them to our next HOG meeting where he sheepishly gave them to me… “I tried to polish them up” he said. They were spotted with rust like oxidation and weren’t the best looking pieces of chrome. Not a big deal, this is still $150 Highway Peg Mounting System for free from a good friend and I was appreciative. Harley Davidson Part# 49019-5

I thought this situation would make a great head to head comparison of regular chrome polish to Blue Job. First I got my old bottle of Mother’s Chrome Polish out and applied it to one of the highway peg mounts with a clean cloth, let it dry and then polished. Now I had a fine shiney but rusted highway peg mount. The rust pits were still there! The chrome was shiney but still rusty too.

Blue Job and Blue Job Pipe Wipes

Next I added a little water to the small container of Blue Job Super Concentrated Powder. This is the left over powder from my previous test where I removed melted plastic from my exhaust pipe. I coated the other highway peg mount with the paste, let it dry and polished. Most of the rust came off. I applied more Blue Job. I wrapped the special Blue Job Pipe Wipe around a piece of pine wood. Then I rubbed the mounting plate as hard as I could using the cloth covered piece of wood. Most of the rust was gone. Now it just had fine micro rust. I remembered this is a chemical reaction on a molecular level and brute force may not be the answer. I applied the wet paste and didn’t let it dry. I massaged the wet paste into the chrome to release the oxygen. I rubbed and I rubbed and like magic the rust pits were gone! Now Diana has a shiney pair chrome highway peg mounts! Thank you Diesel! Thank you Blue Job!

A little Blue Job is great, a lot of Blue Job is even better.

The Harley Davidson Highway Peg Mounting Kit part# 49019-5 for FXD and FXDC models came with my motorcycle as standard equipment. I reccomend the product if you don’t have it on your Dyna. The few minutes that I am able to stretch my legs and change leg position makes riding alot more comfortable.  I would hate not to have them.

Diesel reccomends the Dyna Kuryakyn Forward Controls which he was able to install himself. The Kuryakyn kit saved him a bundle over the Harley Davidson conversion which is not a do-it-yourself installation.

If you have a problem stain on chrome, you need Blue Job! Melted plastic, shoe rubber, rust and even the exhaust pipe blues can be removed with Blue Job. It will take a little elbow grease, but it will work! Blue Job can be purchased from J&P Cycles, click the below advertisement to get yours.

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12 Responses to “Blue Job Chrome Polish vs Mother’s Chrome Polish”

  1. Great review Jay!
    I’ve used Mother’s and have been happy with it, now I’m sold on getting myself a bluejob, I mean buying some Blue Job.

    I have Kuryaken forward controls. I love em.

  2. I have been getting blue jobs for a long time. If you are willing to rub it out a bit, it’s the best! This is was a real world test. Thanks RC

  3. You’re welcome my friends!

  4. Maybe I’ll get Big D some Blue Job. I’m not sure what he uses now, but it’s not that. I’d hear about it a lot with a name like that! 😉

  5. Not to rain on your parade or anything but Blue Job recently came up in convo among a bunch of us.

    Everyone seems to be in agreement about how great this stuff is at removing bluing and oxidation. That’s when someone said, “Yeah, it’s great until your pipes get hot again. Guess what, the bluing comes back again! As good as that stuff may be at first, it doesn’t last.”

    I never really thought about that, since I’ve never tried it yet. All my chrome is still sparkling. So, I was wondering, have you any thoughts on that statement? Have you ever done any tests on this stuff as far as re-curring rust/oxidation goes? Just curious.

  6. Joker, I guess it’s only natural that when the pipes heat up they will start to blue again… but I don’t think there is another product out there that removes the blue. I’m not concerned with blueing because most of us have chrome heat shields that cover up the real exhaust pipes and blueing is therefore covered up and not a problem. This product is great for removing melted on plastic and problem stains that befuddles bikers all over the world. This problem exists on a much wider scale!
    Diana, being the astute math wiz, keeps close tabs on my blog statistics and we get several visitors a week who find my site because they Googled “melted plastic on chrome pipes” so this is definitely an epidemic that needs a solution. I’m glad to pass on the solution that was brought to me by Dave.
    I wish more people would buy the solution by clicking through from my site to J&P Cycles so I can earn a small commission. Also, while you’re at it… please click on my Google AdSense advertisement so we can start paying for the two Harleys that are eating up my pay checks! Click, click and click away!

  7. Too bad you don’t know for sure. I’d really like to know if that person was talking shit or not. Obviously there’s no question about the product’s immediate effect. You know I’d love to help you out with your cash flow brother, but if I don’t need it, I ain’t clickin’ on it!

  8. Joker, I have an open dialog with the inventer behind Blue Job and I can get his take on the question. Let me get this straight… you want to know how quickly the blueing comes back?

  9. Yes. I was told it comes back almost immediately. If it does, then it sort of begs the question “why bother?”

    On the other hand, if the bluing either takes a long time to come back, or doesn’t come back at all, then that obviously makes it a more attractive product. While you’re at it, ask him when he’s going to get Billy Mays to start peddling it for him along with Mighty Putty and Oxi-Clean!

  10. All this and I just thought that the cruise pegs magically appeared on my bike one day because the chrome fairy had dropped by!! 😉

  11. The chrome fairy! She used to stop at my house all the time! Not so much anymore, though. 🙂

  12. Here is the official response from Blue Job to the question asked by Joker:
    Your friend simply has a hot running bike. Period. It is also hot outside while he’s running the engine. Summer.
    1.Check to see if it’s running rich,
    2.Check if the choke is a little on, especially at a stoplight,
    3.or check to see if the timing is off too.
    4 check to see if it’s a Harley.
    Those things are all the reasons chrome gets hot which facilitates the thing called oxidation, which is the attachment of a molecularly thin layer of oxygen to the pure chrome’s outside.
    In nature chrome from the earth comes from chromium oxide rocks which are mined. Chromium oxide is the natural stabilized state chrome comes in, which is to the human eye the beautiful colors of blue/goldish/and purple looking. When he heats up his pure chrome pipes in the presence of oxygen molecules in our atmosphere, the pure chrome grabs onto oxygen molecules right out of the air and attaches to them to return to it’s natural chromium oxide stable state. Luckily it is only an oxygen molecule thick, which oxygen can be nanowicked onto alternatively negatively and positively charged cristo-electrolytic BLUE-JOB particles. (rub rub rub)
    Again, thank you for asking.

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