Skirting the Rain… Argh!

The Captain and Diana

In typical summer fashion, thundershowers pop up unexpectedly and often.  This can dramatically change the color of a ride instantly.  Over the past few weeks we have run into quite a number of these situations, and come through no worse for the wear.

1)  Ladies of Harley Dinner Ride (Sat, July 26)  It was bright and sunny as we readied our bikes, but only moments later at the ride meet-up location we were informed that a “severe weather watch” was in effect for the afternoon.  By the time we arrived at our second pick-up spot, it was quite overcast and beginning to look nasty.  A little over halfway to our destination (Waterman’s Restaurant in Rock Hall, MD), our lead RC pulled over so that everyone could put on rain gear.  Although it was only spitting at that point, it was a safe place for more than a dozen bikes to pull over…and it couldn’t hurt to be prepared for what was about to befall us.

As we passed a street sign that read “Rock Hall — 7 miles” the sky was growing quite ominous.  The sprinkles had actually let up, but then we began to see bolts of lightning just ahead.  We managed to park the bikes and get ourselves under Waterman’s tent at the dockside restaurant just before the sky completely opened up and began to dump buckets of rain all around us.  The stormy surf was coming up from beneath us, and gusting winds blew a loose tent flap furiously as we ordered our food. The flap was waving wildly in the wind and rain was coming into the tent until Jay ran out to his bike in the pouring rain to get a bungee cord to fix it. We were starting to think we would have to spend the night in Rock Hall. By the time our group finished eating and Karen tallied up the bill, the sun was shining brightly.  We enjoyed a pleasant ride home.

Flapping tent

2)  Picking up my new Bike (Wed, July 30)  As mentioned in my previous post it looked like a storm was brewing, so I had Jay ride my new bike home.  Following him in the Civic, I hit the wipers for one swipe across the windshield.  The storm never did materialize, and I got to ride in circles around the church parking lot for an hour before heading home for dinner.  🙂

Diana is grinning from ear to ear

3)  First State HOG Family Picnic (Sat, Aug 2)  The afternoon was hot and sticky, but we all enjoyed good food, good company, and some healthy competition during several “bike games.”  Just as the last of the door prizes and game rewards were handed out, thunder began rumbling in the distance.  This was my first ride on my new bike, and it had already been christened with a long ride down the gravel drive to the picnic grounds.  The last thing I wanted was to get stuck in a thunderstorm too!  Jay and I stuck around to help clean up and pack up the tables & chairs even though it looked like it could pour any minute.

Jay and Diana in the weenie bite contest

By the time we hit the road a few drops were falling from the sky and I really wanted to get the hell out of dodge!  Back down the long gravel driveway and out to the main street.  The clouds were beginning to part just ahead, and I took off down route 13 in a flash….MAN, I LOVE 6th GEAR!!!!  By the time I got over the St George’s Bridge (about a mile down the strip), I had to signal to Jay that we needed to pull over so I could put my sunglasses on! The sun was back!

4)  Pirate & Wenches Fantasy Weekend (Sun, Aug 10)  We awoke to sunshine…and thunder.  WTF???  Gordy & Dolly Knowles had planned to join us for another trip to Rock Hall.  But they called to say it was raining at their house.  I checked the radar map which showed 2 small blips of storm (albeit “red” colored for severe conditions).  We assured them that once the storm passed we should be fine for the remainder of the day, since everything else on the map was clear all of the way out to Elkins, West Virginia!

FSH Pirates and Wenches

As the rain died down, they headed out to meet us….only to run directly into the other “blip” from the map!!  They waited it out under the 12th Street bridge as hail fell around them. Jay & I stood in the sunshine chatting with some friends until they arrived.  When they did arrive we headed towards Chesapeake Country. We met up with Bob and Bob at the Bohemia River Bridge. Then the five of us rode to Waterman’s where everyone was dressed like pirates and wenches; mostly pirates. We enjoyed some fun and frivolity all afternoon, hangin’ with the pirates…Aarrrr!!!!

Of course we stopped for ice cream on the way back, and then each of us headed our own ways.  As Jay and I pulled into our town it was like driving into a tunnel of darkness.  It was only 6:00 in the afternoon, but it looked like midnight ahead of us.  Then we turned onto the street towards our home, and all of the darkness was suddenly behind us!  The sun was shining brightly up ahead.  We again arrived home without so much as a drop of rain hitting us. The storm arrived a half hour after we put the bikes away.

Gordy & Dolly were not so lucky.  The poor things were held up under the 11th Street bridge on the way back to wait out this new storm.  🙁

5)  Al’s Dinner Ride (Wed, Aug 13)  I got braces put on my teeth that morning and the doc gave me Tylenol with Codeine for the pain, so I was riding as a passenger with Jay.  We headed out on a scenic journey toward the Bridge Way Diner in Smyrna, DE.  a straight shot would have been about 15 miles down route 13, but Al led us back & forth along a 45 mile trek through the country roads. 

Al’s Dinner Riders

There was one point where we started getting some road spray, and then a little drizzle.  But just as Gordy was about to pull over and sit under a tree in someone’s driveway, we passed a turn that led directly into much better weather.  So we all changed course and rode around the rain.

It was a lovely dinner (I gnawed on a grilled cheese sandwich, mashed potatoes, and applesauce), and we were even joined by a couple of club members that just joined First State HOG the night before!  Of course the rain had all passed by the time we headed back home.

You win some and you lose some.  At this point, I think we better start knocking on some serious wood!  How long can this lucky streak last?  Do you think it has anything to do with our wedding being on 7-7-07?

9 Responses to “Skirting the Rain… Argh!”

  1. I think it has to do with us filling our rain quota early in the season!

  2. Wow! That’s a lot of rain-skirting! We usually don’t have to deal with that too much out here in the desert southwest, however, we’ve run into it a few times, without rain gear or helmets, and it’s painful!

    I must say in that first picture, you look like you’ve got a little Captain in ya! 🙂

  3. Oh I wish I were an Oscar Myer Weiner!

  4. I love the pirate picture! You look awesome!

  5. Pirates! Walk the plank! oh, your already wet. Wow, I need to catch up on some of my posts. Thanks for the rides. I’m with Mr. M. LOL! I wonder if I could get BB to do that on the back of my bike?

  6. errrr….WTF? Sorry, the “love the pirate picture, you look awesome” comment was really BB. The next BB comment is actually me. She used my computer awhile ago. Either that or I have a split personality and don’t know it!!! Will the real B.B., please stand up!

  7. Oh sure Dave/MrM, rub it in! I wish I could bite into an Oscar Mayer weiner…I haven’t been able to eat any real solid foods in over a week 🙁

  8. Sorry to hear about the mouth pain. I’ve never had braces, but my sister did, and my daughter does. I always feel bad when I know some one is in pain.

    cute clean Pirate funny…

    A little boy dresses up as a pirate for Halloween. He goes up to a door, knocks, and a little old lady answers. He says, “trick or treat”. She says, “My what a cute little pirate you are, and where are your buckaneers?” To which he replies, “Aargh, they’re under me buckin hat.”

  9. I thought I saw that pirate statue on the news. It got rented out for an event or something and ended up missing. Then some guy returned it in the back of his pickup and claimed to be acting on behalf of anonymous friends. Interesting to see a photo with the statue here. The guy on the news said it was a popular photo opportunity.

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