Skirting the Rain… Argh!

The Captain and Diana

In typical summer fashion, thundershowers pop up unexpectedly and often.  This can dramatically change the color of a ride instantly.  Over the past few weeks we have run into quite a number of these situations, and come through no worse for the wear.

1)  Ladies of Harley Dinner Ride (Sat, July 26)  It was bright and sunny as we readied our bikes, but only moments later at the ride meet-up location we were informed that a “severe weather watch” was in effect for the afternoon.  By the time we arrived at our second pick-up spot, it was quite overcast and beginning to look nasty.  A little over halfway to our destination (Waterman’s Restaurant in Rock Hall, MD), our lead RC pulled over so that everyone could put on rain gear.  Although it was only spitting at that point, it was a safe place for more than a dozen bikes to pull over…and it couldn’t hurt to be prepared for what was about to befall us.

As we passed a street sign that read “Rock Hall — 7 miles” the sky was growing quite ominous.  The sprinkles had actually let up, but then we began to see bolts of lightning just ahead.  We managed to park the bikes and get ourselves under Waterman’s tent at the dockside restaurant just before the sky completely opened up and began to dump buckets of rain all around us.  The stormy surf was coming up from beneath us, and gusting winds blew a loose tent flap furiously as we ordered our food. The flap was waving wildly in the wind and rain was coming into the tent until Jay ran out to his bike in the pouring rain to get a bungee cord to fix it. We were starting to think we would have to spend the night in Rock Hall. By the time our group finished eating and Karen tallied up the bill, the sun was shining brightly.  We enjoyed a pleasant ride home.

Flapping tent

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