Bon Voyage… have a safe trip to Milwaukee for the Harley Davidson 105th anniversary

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Hundreds, even thousands, of you will be embarking on an extensive motorcycle trip to Milwaukee for the Harley Davidson 105th Anniversary Celebration.  Unfortunately I will not be able to make the trip myself, but I send my wishes to you all for a safe trip.

Feel free to check out my previous posts on Packing for a Motorcycle Trip and Travel Tips & Words of Wisdom if you have not previously done so.  Since for many this will be the longest trip you have ever taken, I would also suggest that you check out these tips from the Iron Butt Association to help you prepare for an enjoyable and successful journey.

Take lots of pics, and be sure to share your stories when you return!!!  😀

Milwaukee MAD MAP

5 Responses to “Bon Voyage… have a safe trip to Milwaukee for the Harley Davidson 105th anniversary”

  1. Wish we could go too! Hope Dean and Joker take lots of pics for us!!!

  2. I too will not be taking this journey, but wish the same safe trip for all who are going.

  3. Yeah, yeah,…..have a great frick’in trip…..whatever. LOL, seriously though. I wish only the best for those of you who can make it. Thanks for providing the riders that info, especially the packing for the motorcycle trip. Very useful. Ride On!

  4. Thanks for the Bon Voyage. With departure now less than a week away, anticipation is growing as each day passes. We have high hopes for a real knock down, drag-out good time! I plan on taking plenty of pictures, so don’t worry about that.

    I’ll be sure to say Hi to Willie G for everyone!

    I’m sure Dean will be keeping you updated well before my first post about the trip gets put up. I don’t have a laptop, and if I did, I don’t even think I’d bother. I’m going to be too busy having fun to worry about anything else. There’ll be plenty of time to tell the tales when I get back.

  5. We began the planning stages for this trip back in November I think (maybe evenh earlier than that…). It’s hard to believe that our departure is only days away. I plan on taking pictures until my fingers hurt or until the memory card on my camera is full. What the hell… if the memory card fills up I can always either buy another card or find a photo shop and have the pics downloaded to a disk , mail it home, and start taking pictures all over again! This will also be the furthest away I’ve ever ridden on the bike before to an area of the country I have never been to. Psyched doesn’t began to describe how I feel!!!!

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