I Am Officially a HOG Road Captain

HOG RC Patch

I was patched as an official HOG Road Captain for the First State HOG chapter earlier this evening. I am very proud of this accomplishment and thank everyone who supported me including our Road Captains, Road Captain Prospects, and members who participate in my rides. 

When I dubbed this website www.RoadCaptainUSA.com I never meant to imply I was a Road Captain. I started going by the online handle Road Captain on other blogs and biker forums only as a way to create visibility for my site. I clearly stated on my About Page that I was the FSH Activities Officer. Some of you may have been disappointed to find out I was not officially a real Road Captain. I considered myself a Road Captain of the Internet; through my blog posts I can guide you and give you useful information that will make your biking experience better.

The more I immersed myself in writing my posts and group riding with our club the position of Road Captain began to interest me more and more. There is sort of an art form to being a Road Captain. It’s like zen biker martial arts with elements of karma, style, intuition, wisdom and the ability to execute the moves correctly. I also liken the RC patch to the black belt. Like Mr Miagi pointed out to young Danielson, it’s your skill and accomplsihments that make you a black belt… not the belt itself.

Now that I have earned the patch, I am glad to finally be legitimate! Thank you all for bearing with me and now that I am legit I hope you continue to read my blog and participate in my rides.