Virginia is for Lovers, and Motorcyclists Too!

Lexington & Roanoke Visitors Guide

Last October our HOG chapter took a trip to Skyline Drive which runs through Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. Skyline Drive was awesome and some of the Virginia byways we took on the way home were fantastic. I look forward to more trips to Virginia. I especially want to visit Lexington and Roanoke. This area started catering to the motorcycle touring community and put out a brochure and a visitors guide in 2007 with us in mind. The brochure is called Roanoke Valley & Rockbridge Rides and it features 5 mapped out motorcycle routes. See or call 1-800-635-5535 to get your brochure. See or call 1-877-453-9822 for the visitors guide.

Roanoke Valley Rides

What makes the perfect ride?

Some riders like to soak up the scenery. Others like to hug the curves. Some might choose tree-lined roads where you’re as likely to see a deer as a car. Others prefer historic towns and country barns. Or maybe a carpet of city lights from a perch high atop a mountain.

In Southwest Virginia, one 50-mile stretch serves up an asphault buffet to cover just about every taste for motorcycle enthusiasts.

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You can also visit for more information on American Scenic Byways or purchase the National Geographic Guide to Scenic Highways & Byways.

National Geographic Guide to Scenic Highways & Byways

Thanks Ann for giving me the idea to post about Virginia.

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