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West Virginia Byways Brochures

We had such a fantastic trip to West Virginia last month that I hope all motorcyclists in the Mid Atlantic region schedule their own trip to this motorcycle playground. It’s a big state and you can’t do it all in one trip. That’s why we made our trip a 5 day journey and we still only nipped the tip of the iceberg.

There are plenty of materials to help plan your own trip like the above brochures which are free. Contact the West Virginia Department of Transportation at 304-558-3165. You can also contact the West Virginia Division of Tourism at 1-800-CALL WVA.

The below pictured brochure is awesome! It has 8 motorcycle routes with maps and directions. Call 304-252-2244 for this one.

 Southern West Virginia Motorcycle Tours

Also make sure to visit to read about all the great byways in West Virginia.

You can also visit my Amazon bookstore for the MAD MAPS Atlantic Region Part 1 that covers scenic routes in Virgina, West Virginia, Maryland and Delaware (click here). For information on the National Geographic Guide to Scenic Highways & Byways click here.

MAD MAPS Atlantic Part 1

6 Responses to “Plan Your Own West Virginia Motorcycle Trip”

  1. Wish we could get out that way for a trip! The closest we got was last June to VA Beach for our son’s wedding. Didn’t have time to ride then. Thanks for the info!

  2. VA beach is a couple hours past West Virginia (coming from AZ). Too bad you didn’t have time to take a scenic side trip. It’s well worth it if you ever get the chance again.

  3. We can always use new resources for planning successful trips. We are Triple A Travel Club members, and we can get map info, construction info, and stuff like that off their website. Never can be too prepared. Besides, planning is half the fun!

  4. You are right about that LadyR! Having solid information before you go cuts down on the “surprises” and makes for a more successful & enjoyable trip.

  5. As a local resident in WV, thank all of you for the nice comments about our area. I live 2 miles from the New River Gorge Bridge and travel across it multiple times per day. The area you rode is our favorite part of WV. While you saw the big stuff, many other adventures await your return trip. One correction, area code in WV is 304, you need to change this for the So WV Motorcycle Tour Brochure. Again, thanks for the nice comments and so glad you enjoyed the ride.

  6. Thank you for the correction. That was our area code. Hope we can come back soon.

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