BeadRider Wood Bead Seat Cover – Product Review

Motorcycle Wooden Bead Seat Cover did a comparison of 5 different kinds of motorcyce comfort seat cushions. They tested foam pad, gel pad, air pad, sheepskin and wooden beads. I believe they chose the wooden bead seat cover from as the most comfortable and also the most cost effective.

I went to and purchased the rider and passenger combo which is an excellent buy. Delivery was quick, installation was easy! I liked the simple adjustable elastic straps on the Bead Rider better than the straps on the Roho seat cushion. This product definitely improves the airflow beneath you thus increasing comfort and eliminating monkey butt. Butt I did not find sitting on hard wooden beads comfortable. I kept think it probably works a lot better on a big touring bike seat like on a Goldwing or the BMW RT pictured above.

Bead Rider took the product back and gave me a full refund no questions asked. The delivery and return of the product were both handled with the utmost professionalism. I like the Maryland based company but I was not crazy about the product.

If you think you might like this product then go ahead and give it a try, order it directly from

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  1. Yeah, I just can’t see wooden beads on my ass comfortable. As I started reading the post I thought, “I wonder how long until he decides to return it?” Then I laughed when I got to the end. However I have heard that some chicks really dig butt beads.

    Some people say they work good. I have become pretty familiar with my ass and what it likes and doesn’t like. Thanks for the honest review and at least you gave the product a fair shot. I am sure someone out there is going to be tickled pink with these things. After all, no two butts are the same.

  2. I was recently on a BMW forum and everyone was going on and on about these bead seats. I think I will stick with the ole sheepskin.

  3. It did not take an 800 mile day for me to be hooked on the “feel” of the beadrider. This is the best thing I have done for comfort on a motorcycle R1200RT since I ditched the M/C pants and started wearing 5.11 TDU’s. I don’t care what they LOOK like.

  4. They seem to work well on that model. Do you have 800 mile days? You are my hero!

  5. I have home-made versions cut from car seat covers on both of my dual-sports (97 KLR250 and 03 KLX400sr) and after many attempt with modifications to the original seats, pads and cushions, nothing compares to the wood beads.

  6. I had beads on my Dyna with a Mustang Vintage Wide Solo saddle. Loved them, especially when riding in the Texas heat–the airflow was quite welcome.

    I lost the beads somewhere along the line and now have a seldom used Airhawk air cushion by RoHo. The problem with the Airhawk is it raises me too far above the seat, changing the ergonomics of the bike and making it harder to get my feet down at stops. If I let enough air out to correct for this problem the pad loses its effectiveness.

  7. Sounds like you need new beads. Sell the Airhawk on eBay.

  8. If you want a bed seat, purchase one from WalMart for $11.00 and cut it down. I did that the first time and it lasted almost 7 years. I purchased the plastic version from Beadrider in November 2010. My Beadrider fell apart this summer. They refused to replace it or provide a discount on another one because I was a few months out of the 18 month warranty.

  9. Good to know. Thanks.

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