BeadRider Wood Bead Seat Cover – Product Review

Motorcycle Wooden Bead Seat Cover did a comparison of 5 different kinds of motorcyce comfort seat cushions. They tested foam pad, gel pad, air pad, sheepskin and wooden beads. I believe they chose the wooden bead seat cover from as the most comfortable and also the most cost effective.

I went to and purchased the rider and passenger combo which is an excellent buy. Delivery was quick, installation was easy! I liked the simple adjustable elastic straps on the Bead Rider better than the straps on the Roho seat cushion. This product definitely improves the airflow beneath you thus increasing comfort and eliminating monkey butt. Butt I did not find sitting on hard wooden beads comfortable. I kept think it probably works a lot better on a big touring bike seat like on a Goldwing or the BMW RT pictured above.

Bead Rider took the product back and gave me a full refund no questions asked. The delivery and return of the product were both handled with the utmost professionalism. I like the Maryland based company but I was not crazy about the product.

If you think you might like this product then go ahead and give it a try, order it directly from