Welcome the Newest Member of the R/C Family!!!

Diana Biker Babe

We picked up my new baby today, and I must say she is FABULOUS!!!  A pewter pearl shining star with 6-speed tranny, fuel injection, and a rubber-mounted 96-cubic inch motor.

Diana purchases new Harley Davidson

Diana at Mikes Famous Harley Davidson in New Castle, DE

Diana loves her new Dyna Street Glide

Diana’s first ride on the new scooter

I was very jealous watching Jay ride her home from the dealer (we had to take the highway and there were threatening severe thunderstorms, so I let him do the dirty work).  It was obvious as I rode behind him in the Honda Civic that he was having a lot of fun!  It also gave Mr Worry Wart a chance to check out every button, lever, and control before he deemed it safe to turn over to me.  Problem is, the bike whore didn’t want to give her up!!

The storms never materialized, so we stopped at an empty parking lot a few blocks from home so I could try her out.  Jay reluctantly handed over the keys, and then watched as I added 5 miles to her odometer driving in circles and figure-eights around the parking lot.  I felt like I was leaning really hard into some of those turns and wondered if I might come close to scraping pegs, but the bike felt so much more stable compared to my Sporty.  She handles like a dream!

Diana is grinning from ear to ear

It was pushing 8 o’clock and I was starving, so I rode her home and maneuvered her perfectly into her spot in the garage.  I got her up to third gear and 45 mph, which isn’t much…but it sure feels good after riding in circles in a parking lot for an hour!  She makes the most beautiful sound when she is actually moving.  It is like music to my ears.

I guess I’ll keep her.  😉

Diana hitching a ride

21 Responses to “Welcome the Newest Member of the R/C Family!!!”

  1. Congrats Di…..when are we going to put some miles on her???? Welcome to the ‘Big Girl Bike’ club…LOL!! ~Karen (LOH)

  2. She’s beautiful! I read your comment on my post, and had to hurry over here, cuz I knew you’d have her picture up already! 🙂 I’m so excited for you! You look really good together.

  3. Congratulations on the new ride! Keep an eye on Jay though or he’ll be trying to convince you that you should trade bikes with him so he can “break it in properly” for you.


  4. She’s gorgeous! I’m really happy for you!

  5. I was working on the trade all night, but she wouldn’t go for it.

  6. Congrats! I’m happy for you. Hope you and you new baby get along just fine.

  7. Here’s a cigar! Awesome! So, how long did you just sit there and look at it? Hours? You look so happy and content. Congratulations!……sniff, sniff…..our little Diana is all grown up….sniff.

  8. Thanks everybody! 😀 (Trust me Doug, I am keeping an eye on Jay.) Now I am going to go out and ride around the block a few hundred times…

  9. Awesome! Congratulations Princess Di! She’s a beauty. I’m sure you’ll love every minute of riding her, and as much as you liked your hugger, somehow I feel that memory will begin to fade – fast!

    Who doesn’t love to see someone get a new bike? I’m also very partial to the color! Leaves me knawing at the bit for my day to get handed those keys, but they say good things come to those who wait…

    One thing though, I wish your blog let me enlarge the photos by clicking on them for a better view. How come they don’t do that here like they do on mine???

  10. Thanks Joker. The Super Glide only comes in pewter pearl and vivid black. Personally, I think the black is just too cliche! I like the photos bigger too (they come off of my camera at 24″x18″!!!). Jay is still learning the ins and outs of Word Press, I’ll bet there is a setting or a plug-in that he hasn’t discovered yet.

  11. As for my ride…yeeeeeHAAAA!!!! That was FUN! (and boring as hell), but FUN!!! 😀

    I swear every trash company in Newark converged on our development at the same time this morning, so I spent an hour dodging 4 trash trucks and the mailman. LOL But after 20 miles of circles and speed humps, I took my new baby for a quick spin on a couple of “real” roads. Got her up to 4th gear and 50 mph. I pulled up to a traffic light, and the cager in the other lane called out of his car window “Now THAT’s what I’m talking about!!!! I’m not kidding, girl!!!” That made my day 😀

    Now I am going to go practice some more quick-stops and tight turns before the thunderstorms arrive. Have a great day all!

    nice bike Diana its a great color you have great taste, that is a superb finish, ohh wait, its just like mine, grins, no wonder I like it, good luck with it hun, break it in right, and keep “DOT HEAD” the heck off of it…laughs….yeah you Jay….cant wait to see it and watch you beam as you ride it.
    Big Congrats

    ride safe, ride often, and let those who ride decide!!
    AKA “Diesel”

  13. Thanks Skip! what kind of Dyna is Whisper anyway?
    BTW — he’s not a dot-head anymore, now he’s a crater-face!

  14. Hi Sweetheart

    What an awesome surprise! Your new Harley looks great, but it looks more awesome with you on it. congratulations. enjoy!

    Be safe
    Mom G.

  15. Can you post these photos to Jay’s archive as a set,and they wil show up bigger?
    Mom G.

  16. Thanks Mom, I will put them on Flickr.

  17. whisper is a street bob, and has the black flecked engine painnt where I see yours is the silver, that just makes us ebony and ivory Diana…lol

    crater face???….damn I had patch all designed with the Dot Head logo…back to the drawing board…laughs

    cant wait to see it….the bike Jay not your CRATER…

    ride safe, ride often, and let those who ride decide!!
    AKA “Diesel”

  18. Skip, we may be needing the cruise pegs you took off of Whisper to go on the new Diana bike. Do you still have all the parts including the bolts?

  19. Congrats! Nice ride! You are going to love getting to know your new “baby”! And such a pretty baby at that! Sorry I wasn’t around to comment earlier, but you enjoy your new Harley! YOU GO GIRL!

  20. Bike is bad!!!!!!

    Babe is badder !!!!!!

    But keep an i on j or he’ll have new keys, 2

    Congrats, happy riding !!!!!!!!!


  21. Congrats on the new ride, that’s an awesome looking Dyna !

    Have fun, ride safe and put a lot of miles on that baby !

    Blessings, Hotshot

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