Goodbye to an Old Friend

The plan: take the cash from selling my beloved 883 Sportster and put it down on a new ’08 Dyna Super Glide while the dealers are trying to reduce inventory and make room for the 2009 models.  Well the ’09s are here (as Dave well knows), and the sales month is coming to a close… so what better time to leverage a good deal than now? 

The Problem: after a few weeks in the paper and on Craig’s List, we had several inquiries on my Sporty… but no takers. 

Not wanting to let the perfect opportunity go by, we gave our friend Tony Parmegiani a call.  He is a member of First State HOG and also a “motorcycle planner” (aka bike sales dude) at Mikes Famous HD in Smyrna.  He located the bike I wanted at the New Castle location. Exactly one year to the day from when Jay bought his Dyna we hammered out a deal for my Dyna. We still need to go over some paperwork and it might take a few days before I actually pick up my new “big girl” bike… but it’s a done deal!  (As a bonus, this sale should put Tony in place to win Salesman of the Month for July… congratulations Tony! We hope you win!)

So this evening I bid adieu to my first motorcycle.  I stroked her fondly on the handlebars and fender before walking out the door.  I will miss the little gal.  But alas, it is time for me to move on to bigger and better things…

Anyone interested in buying a Harley Davidson in Delaware is encouraged to call Tony Parmegiani at Mikes Famous Harley Davidson in Smyrna, DE at 302-659-6400

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  1. Yeah! How exciting for you! If I lived closer and had the cash I would give your baby a good home. 🙁

  2. Congrats on your new ride! I tried to sell my 1st bike as well after buying the StreetGlide. No takers so I decided to keep them both. Ride safe.

  3. Congrats to you and to Tony! 🙂

    I’m sure someone will give your old gal a good home…now it’s on to bigger and better things on your big girl bike! Woo-hoo!

  4. With the gas crunch and being the middle of the summer, I’m surprised nobody bit. Too bad, you always get screwed on a trade in. The good part is you didn’t have much or any custom work done to it that I noticed, which is good for your because they never give you what you put into it.

    Now, I’ll wait patiently to see the new ride. BTW, why a Super Glide and not a Low? Or a Fat Bob for that matter? I know you obviously liked the Super Glide better, but why? Just curious.

  5. I am sure Tony will find my Sporty a new home–he’s working on it already!
    I was surprised that she didn’t go quickly too–I even advertized that she gets 70 mpgs!
    Why not a Low?–I didn’t want to have Jay’s bike’s twin. Also, this may sound stupid, but I didn’t want a bike that had the stigma of being “low” so it fits a “woman.” I just want to be considered a “motorcyclist.”
    Why not a Fat Bob?–I just can’t bring myself to consider owning anything with the word fat in its name!
    I like the Glide because of the aluminum wheels, and because of the stripped down look…nothing gaudy or fancy, just pure machine. I’m a sucker for “simple & elegant.” besides, it’s a couple K’s cheaper! 😀

  6. Sorry to see her go.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to be like Jay leno, or some other rich biker, and be able to just buy them all? You wouldn’t have to worry about which one to keep, or let go. The only worry would be which one to ride today.

  7. Uh, yeah, that would be nice Mr M! And when I got back from riding I’d hop in my hot tub big enough for ten plus me!

  8. …and a bathroom big enough to play baseball in? 🙂

  9. Yeah Ann!!!! But who needs a drug dealer on speed dial when you pop your pills from a Pez dispenser?

  10. Thank you Diana your sale helped put me over the top for salesperson of the month. I have been with mike for four months now and have won salesperson of the month three times thanks to good people like you. Please don’t hesutate to call me for any of your motorcycle needs I am here for you . Looking forward to riding next to you and your new bike at the next HOG ride. Thanks again, Tony

  11. Hi Quick Silver, I just want to let you know your old friend went to a good home. Your baby was sold to a friend of mine she has never had a bike before always dreamed of having one but with a kid and bills it was just a dream. When I called her and told her I had the perfect bike for her and it was in her budget she went nuts. When she came in she fell in love. You made a new biker very happy and she will care for this bike like it was a second child. I hope to get her to come to the next HOG meeting and she just signed up for riders edge classes. Enjoy your new bike. Thanks, Tony

    Tony (my salesperson at Mikes Famous) sold my bike to his wife’s friend. I am told that she is loving it as much as I did. 😀 I am so happy that Tony found her a nice new home.

  13. Yeah!
    That’s good to hear.

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