West Virginia Wrap Up

First State HOG 2008 Summer Trip

It would be hard to top Day 3 of our trip, so the trip winds down a little on days 4 and 5. On Saturday morning the crew from First State left New River Gorge Quality Inn at 9:00am. Our mission was to make it to Triple S Harley Davidson in Morgantown before they closed at 5:00pm. It would be tight.

We rode some more fantastic roads heading back to Snow Shoe. As we started getting closer to Snow Shoe where Freedomfest was now in full swing we ran into groups of bikes everywhere. They were in front of us, behind us, going the opposite way, at intersections… my arm was getting tired of waving. I almost stopped waving I got so sick of it, but I didn’t. At one point I think we had a group in front of us and one behind so that we had a parade of 3 groups of bikes riding through the twisties. We stopped at the gas station at the base of the mountain for a quick lunch. It was mobbed with a few hundred bikes. Then we were off again.

We got out to the country and rode hard. We stopped at a scenic overlook near a windmill farm but the bathrooms were out of order. The guys used the woods. The girls were not happy. We moved on looking for the first available facility but we were deep in the country going through one horse towns. Finally we came to an old elementary school that was converted into an antique store and flea market. They had bathrooms and cold drinks for $.75 as well as really neat junk to take pictures of. Everyone had to pose with the bear!

Diana & The Bear

Gordy, Dolly & The Bear

Nic & The Bear

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