Riding WV with First State HOG

On behalf of the staff here at RoadCaptainUSA.com I am proud to bring you our latest state of the art high tech gadget affectionately known as the Dianacam. I put the Kodak equipped Dianacam on the passnger seat of my bike and the rest is history. Now you can come along for the ride! It’s almost like you were there leaning over my shoulder watching as I navigate my trusty Harley through the twisties of West Virginia with the crew from First State HOG. 

13 Responses to “Riding WV with First State HOG”

  1. If we can figure out a way for DianaCam to hang on and actually point the camera towards the road on the really cool turns when the bike is scraping pegs, then we’ll have something here! 😀

  2. I need a new t-shirt that reads: “If you can read this, then DianaCam must have fallen off at the last cambered hair pin turn with a 9% grade”.

  3. LOL! Great video! What the hell does your helmet say? “Screw…” something.

  4. “Screw it, Let’s Ride” Awesome video. “DianaCam”, that is hella’ funny. You guys look like you are ripping into those turns. I watched it three times and to think that today I was not going to ride the glide just to see how the other 99 percent of the population lives. Screw it, I’m going out now!

  5. Ripping into turns….that’s why I can’t hold on and aim the camera at the same time!!!

  6. Dave and Big D rule! Thanks for the props. Diana put a lot of work into making the video and I put a lot of work into finding a way to embed it directly into the blog post. So we are both very proud of our accomplishment and glad you like it. I hope everyone else is into it. My favorite part is when Diana switches sides and pans the camera across the back of my helmet.

  7. Very cool. I have tried to videotape while on the back so I can appreciate the work that goes into it. 🙂 But you did an awesome job Diana, and good for you Jay for getting it up here. 🙂

  8. You need to patent that Dianacam or someone might steal that idea and put one on the back theirs! Great video, I always love to watch the ride from others. It looks beautiful there!

  9. There is only one DianaCam, we broke the mold after we made the first one. I’m pretty confident no one can steal her from me. He would have to be one good look’n rich dude to steal away my DianaCam.

  10. Even a good lookin’ rich dude wouldn’t have a chance unless he bought me a new Harley! (oh yeah, you are buying me a new Harley…nevermind, the rich dude can forget about it!) 😉

  11. I am?

  12. Sounds like an inside job to me. Get the Harley and ride… who cares how you get it!

  13. Should happen in a day or two.

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