Our West Virginia Pictures and Video

Diana and I are addicted to moto blogging. As we travel by motorcycle our thoughts are with our readers and stories are formed while we ride. We are always thinking of ways to share our experience with you. On this trip Diana thought pictures would be more effective; we can only describe the beautiful scenery and great roads to a limited extent. But of course, a picture is worth a thousand words. So we have posted 390 pictures of West Virginia to our Flickr account and Diana is making a few video’s for your enjoyment.

Click here to see our pictures

Diana has been working on this masterpiece since we got home. We mean no offense to anyone, but we call this the Hillbilly Video! We hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Great Video.. but ya know… if you take a ride downstate ( inland, not near the beach) you would see much of the same.. except for the mountains of course… :)Brought to mind our trip to Deep Creek for the state rally 2 years ago( or was it 3???) We passed a market that had a sign advertising Bread, Bait and Coal.

  2. Diana saw a store that advertised “Groceries, Deli, Hunting & Fishing Supplies”. I saw a store that advertised “Guns, Ammo & Dog Medicine”. All fun and interesting things we get to see and appreciate by riding our motorcycles.

  3. Notes:
    I unfortunately didn’t get any good pictures of the super-giant telescope (which, btw, is longer than a football field across!!!). It truly did look like something from an alien movie lurking behind the trees. The one you see in the pictures is the small one!

    Giant Greenbank Radio Telescope

    I also did not get any good shots of the goats in people’s front yards. (Joker, you should keep the goats in mind if Blackstone ever rides down that way!)

    More great videos are coming your way. Check back often 😀

  4. Hey, I loved that vid! I laughed when I saw the redneck stoplight and got a kick out of the “state flower”. I really enjoyed this. Maybe I am an idiot but I dig riding places like this. I am into Hillbilly McGuiverism. Relieved ya’ll didn’t use dueling banjos from deliverance as the soundtrack. Awesome! Thanks!

  5. Awesome pictures! Those picts of the River Gorge Bridge are just too much. I really want to ride that someday. I’m getting chills just thinking about it. What a great time. Definately one to remember forever. Helmets off to both of you.

  6. Di, you have captured the essance of rural life in my home state. I had a great trip with you and 1st State Hog. The Blue Hills were awesome with the twisties and wildlife seen. Riding under the New River Gorge will separate the men from the boys for sure. Route 219 was no slouch either. The 5 day experience will go down as one of my most enjoyable rides. Great roads to ride and great fellowship, what else could you ask for on a trip.


  7. Dave,
    Funny thing is when we went over the bridge everyone was like “was that it? did we miss something?” You have to go under the bridge! Stop at the visitor center and they will give you a map and explain how to get to the windy twisty route that goes down under, across the gorge on the old bridge, and back up the other side. That’s the best!! 😀 It was awesome on a Dyna. But you might want to leave your gear at a hotel and come with empty saddlebags on your touring bike. Regardless, it’s definitely an experience you don’t want to miss!

  8. Great video and beautiful pictures! Love the state flower! LOL!

  9. Jon,
    It is always so wonderful to go “home,” isn’t it?
    I hope to capture the essence of the ride in my next two videos. Check back for them.

  10. Ann,
    Every house, trailer, and shack has a “state flower” firmly planted in the front yard.

  11. Great video. I do like videos myself, as like you said, a picture’s worth a thousand words. It shows exactly what you saw. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Hello Mr & Mrs Road Captain USA

    I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed viewing and reading your blog about your Wesr VA trip. It gives me a bird’s eye view of how much you kids are doing. Awesome! I can’t help but think of the many trips we used to take in NH to the Kancamangus Highway area.
    I would like to have some prints of my favorite photos.

    Talk to you L8R
    Mom G

  13. Lady Di aka Mrs Road Captain
    Your photography just gets better and better. I viewed the pics in slideshow format on flickr –loved it. I have yet to view the video. I feel like I’m right there on the trip with you. the pics are especially great with the captions. We will talk soon, and hope you kids will be able to visit.

    Mom G.

  14. Thanks Mom…
    Just let me know what pics you want and I will be happy to send them to you.

  15. That was so great! I loved the camper with the porch, ahh a girl can dream! LOL

  16. Are you sure you were in W. Virginia and not Rockland?

  17. Be careful, I have cousins in Rockland 🙂

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