Freedom Fest 2008 at Snowshoe Ski Resort in West Virginia

This is riding baby!

We wanted to take a no holds barred kick ass motorcycle adventure to the mountains of West Virginia for our summer trip, and so we did. This was not going to be your average candy ass weekend ride. This was gonna be the hairpin turn switchback twisty ride from hell ! Diana and I got together with Lem and Darlene McMaster one night back in December and planned the basic idea for a 5 day trip to Snowshoe, New River Gorge and Morgantown. A ride that will put hair on your chest! The first two days we would spend at Snowshoe Ski Resort for the first two days of Freedom Fest, an all brand motorcycle rally and $10,000 Poker Run. We wouldn’t register for the rally or particpate in the poker run, but we would partake of their entertainment. A few months later we had 8 motorcycles signed up for the entire 5 day trip and 3 motorcycles that would meet up with us for the final 3 days.

The Mission

Wednesday July 16th: Travel quickly but safely to Snowshoe Ski Resort over 350 miles away in the heart of Monongahela National Forest

Thursday July 17: Take a short lunch ride to Marlinton and return to the resort to enjoy the ammenities and entertainment

The first 8 bikes leaving Delaware

We left early Wednesday morning with a group of eight motorcycles. Eveyone in the group had traveled by motorcycle before, in other words we didn’t have any beginners. Eight bikes is a great number for an aggressive ride like this. We traveled down Route 301 from Delaware and crossed the Bay Bridge to Annapolis, Maryland. We cut across Maryland to Frederick and then Harpers Ferry. We stopped at Winchester Harley Davidson in Virginia for lunch (we previously stopped at Winchester on our Skyline trip last year). The Winchester dealership had a nice cafe and we enjoyed the sandwiches.

Winchester dealership cafe

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