Travel Tips & Words of Wisdom

Diana Pillion Princess

In anticipation of our upcoming trip through West Virginia, I thought it appropriate to address some great travel tips provided by the American Motorcycle Association.  I first saw these tips mentioned at Keep The Rubber Side Down. This will be our first 5-day tour (we have done several 3-day weekends), so it is shaping up to be quite an adventure!

Here are the “insider tips,” with a little commentary from Mrs RC on each:

1) Eat at weird times. Everyone and their dog eats around 8 a.m., noon and 6 p.m. To get in and out of restaurants in a hurry, don’t be hungry then.

Like you can control when you are hungry!  LOL  Seriously, this is great advice for avoiding long waits.

2) A short metal cable with loops on both ends (like those made to keep people from stealing bicycle seats) is perfect for securing a jacket and helmet to your bike’s helmet lock.

We have one of these.  Jay put it together at Home Depot with help from one of the employees.  It cost about $3 including the little Master pad lock, and it works great!  You just pull the cable through your sleeve and hook the padlock around your helmet strap fastener.

3) Carry a spare key. Zip-tie or duct tape it somewhere hidden on your bike, or better yet, give it to a traveling companion.

Neither one of us even HAS a spare key to our bikes (they only came with one).  Maybe we should look into that.

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