Spaz, Motorcycle Nut or Skilled Rider?


My neighbors must think I’m from another planet! When it comes to riding my Harley Davidson Dyna Low Rider motorcycle I do some strange things.


First you have to understand that I grew up on BMX, Motorcross, Enduro and anything involving riding over obstacles on two wheels. I may not be the best at it, but it has always fascinated me. When I was a little kid I used to come flying down a hill on my bannana seat bicycle and throw my bike into a skid in the sandy gravel at the bottom of the hill. This was fun! After getting a BMX bike I learned how do a wheelie. We were just like the kids in the movie ET, always on our BMX bikes. When I was in middle school we would wheelie our BMX bikes for at least a block if not more. Then I got my first motorcycle.


I practiced racing motorcross all the time and only raced once. When I was in highschool I used to ride Enduro with this dude who was into trials. He sold his trials bike and got an Enduro bike so we could go trail riding every weekend. He and I raced in an Enduro once. His name was John Twist. Soon after he became a police officer and moved away to New Hampshire.

Mountain Bikes

In college I got into mountain bikes and started a club back when no one knew what a mountain bike was. There were only a few of us on campus in September of 1985. I rode mountain bikes for about twenty years before giving it up; I’m getting a little less active these days. Three years ago I got back into motorcycles, but this time on road.

Back to my being a spaz…

When I get home from a ride I often times pratice circling the manhole cover on my culdesac as tightly as a can. Tiny little circles, but not as tiny as I would like. Then I do several tight figure eights in both directions before putting her away.

After I wash my bike I ride her up and down my little street to completely dry her off. This is when I practice my “emergency braking”. I think of my motorcycle like I thought of my bicycles (except with a lot more respect). I want to be able to jam the brakes on and know exactly what the bike will do. Skidding can be a controlled action just like I used to do when I was a kid. If you don’t think of how expensive new tires are, it can be fun! It shouldn’t be a surprise when you slam on the brakes. You should know exactly what will happen.

So imagine my neighbors watching out their windows at the nut riding up and down the street doing skids like some silly kid. Or wondering why is he riding around in tiny little circles? In reality they probably don’t see me or even care what I am doing.

So what do you think? Am I a spaz, a motorcycle nut or a skilled rider?

Before you answer that you should know I aced the MSF Experienced Rider Course yesterday. I am not trying to brag, just making a point: stopping, turning and swerving require a little practice and practice can be fun. It can even make you feel like a silly kid again. Don’t worry about the neighbors, they have their own quirks!

Ride Like A Pro

I highly reccomend this DVD!

9 Responses to “Spaz, Motorcycle Nut or Skilled Rider?”

  1. I am super proud of my hubby scoring perfect 100% on both the skills test and the written test yesterday at the ERC…but I am not surprised at all! He really does ride up and down the street doing circles and controlled skidding just like a kid ALL OF THE TIME. Sometimes I think he is a spaz, but practice makes perfect. 😉

  2. Diana did a great job yesterday also scoring a perfect score on the written test and doing perfect figure eights during the exercise portion of the class. She did awesome!

  3. I would rather be called a spaz, scooter trash or nut versus wiping out and becoming worm food. I would say that you are all the above, after all, those seem to be the guys who ride the longest. Congrats on mastering the course. I am still up in the air on trashing the tires though bro. heh. Your story took me back to my StingRay banana seated beauty memories. What really made me laugh was mine was completely chrome. I never thought about that until today. Thanks!

  4. No problem Dave. I am having a new tire put on this week, so I might be a little more hesitant to practice my $kids on the new rubber.

  5. I drove my neighbors nuts before I took my MST class. I got my bicycle out and practiced figure eights in our driveway, to get the feel of balancing again. Then, I probably logged about 200 miles within a 15 block radius over the course of three weeks or so. Every day after work, I would ride the hood for about an hour, practicing my turns, starts, stops, shifting, ect. so I wouldn’t have to think about it too hard while in traffic. My neighborhood is home to a few other riders scattered here and there, so I don’t think too many were surprised, just annoyed. Congratulations to you both! Way to go!

  6. Congrats on the test!

    I think you might be a little of all three; spaz, motorcycle nut and skilled rider!

  7. We’d like to buy one of your photos.

  8. Sorry Veronica. I have no legal rights to any of the pictures used in the above article. However if you meant a different picture that we took, then yes we would love to sell our photos. You can review our Flickr account at

  9. i love motorcross

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