The Jacket-Quidick fiasco with

I think I started the below post in April. It is about a bad online purchase made on March 30th and not resolved until June 20th! A three month fiasco finally resolved.

Like Joker, I am experiencing my own online shopping grief! I was advertising for here at RoadCaptainUSA and decided to test them out. I wanted to get a yellow and black jacket as an RC USA theme jacket. I saw an advertisement in a magazine for the Tour Master Pivot 2 textile jacket. It is windproof, waterproof, vented, has a polyfill removable liner and has CE approved armour. It also has a number of useful pockets. I ordered the jacket from RideGear on March 30th and got an e-mail that said I would be notified when the item shipped.


I didn’t hear anything for about two weeks after that and decided I better look them up on on the Internet. I found two motorcycle forums where people experienced a number of problems with RideGear. I tried to call Ride Gear but they don’t answer the phone. I e-mailed them several times. One of my e-mails requested they cancel my order. No response. I checked with my credit card company and they had not charged me yet. I thought: No harm, no foul!

So I ordered the same item from and just to be safe I placed the order over the phone. Over the phone they agreed to match the RideGear price. I was told on the phone exactly when the product would ship and when it would be delivered. I got a confirming e-mail the next business day saying my jacket shipped with a link to the tracking number on the UPS website. It arrived on schedule packaged professionally and included a no hassle return UPS label with return instructions.

The jacket is a fantastic super great quality item, but I did have some issues. The jacket fit me a little on the big side. The sleeves were too long for me. Because of the windproof design the hand warmer pockets were too difficult for me to get my hands into. I took the jacket for a test ride and I just couldn’t deal with riding down the road looking like a bright yellow canary. I need to be in a “cool” black leather jacket. I need the “Harley Mystique”! To hell with high visability and protective armour! Give me leather!!!!

I packaged up the yellow jacket and put it back in its original packaging with all the styrofoam peanuts. Slapped the return UPS label on it. Brought it to work with me where we have a daily UPS pick up. DennisKirk credited my account a few days later.

I received an e-mail from RideGear telling me to be patient. I replied to cancel my order for the second time. If they have not shipped it or charged me yet, why can’t they cancel the order? I never got an e-mail from saying they shipped my jacket. Several days later I received a Tour Master Indigo womens denim jacket shipped from Helmet House. No styrofoam peanuts. No return instructions. No return shipping label. This jacket is not windproof and not waterproof. The zippers don’t work that well. It is vented, has a polyfill removeable liner and CE approved armour. The jacket fit Diana but we didn’t really want it. RideGear charged my card. The RideGear website says you must call them to get an RMA# in order to return an item. Again I could not get through to a person at RideGear. I called Helmet House. The young lady who answered the customer service line said that I had to work out my problem with RideGear and that it was RideGears error. I tried to get through to RideGear again unsuccessfully. Then I called Helmet House and left a message with the customer service manager. He called me back quickly. The man is a professional! He promised to contact RideGear and get this resolved quickly. It didn’t get resolved quickly but it did get resolved.


The Indigo jacket in real life doesn’t look fitted like this picture, imagine less hour glass and more potato sack

Later on I received two messages. First, some dim wit from RideGear called to say that they could not have sent me the wrong jacket because the Pivot 2 Jacket doesn’t come in a womens version. What an ass! Then the manager at Helmet House, his name is Rene Monestime, called to say that his company made a data entry mistake and that they will send a UPS driver to to my house within 2 days to pick up the item they shipped in error. He gave me an RMA#. He said once they receive the jacket they will see to it that RideGear credits my account. Now that is great customer service! Except UPS didn’t come pick up the jacket. After leaving the package in front of my house everyday for a week I called UPS myself and found out Helmet House didn’t issue the pick up properly. I called Rene and he reissued the pick up and several days later UPS picked up the womens Tour Master jacket on May 5th.

I did receive a call from a manager at Ride Gear on May 1st. This person talked me at length to explain the difficulties the company was going through. Apparently the credit card processing company they used was keeping all the money and not turning it over to Ride Gear. Ride Gear switched credit card processing companies but was having difficulty handling the resulting problems and call volume. He told me I would get my refund when Helmet House received the returned merchandise. 

On May 9th I got a strange e-mail from Margaret at RideGear. She was responding to another customer’s complaint but responded to a list of about 12 other disgruntled customers including myself. Now I had an e-mail list of some other people in the same boat. Everyone was having a hard time with this company and couldn’t get through to anyone by phone. We formed a make shift support group and shared a few e-mails about our suffering at the hands of this monster.

On Friday May 16th I got an e-mail from Russ at Ride Gear saying he was too busy to process my refund today but would do it on Monday. Who does that?! I would get fired if I e-mailed a customer out of the blue just to tell them I am too busy to take care of them today! Are you nuts? WTF?

As of May 21st I still had not received my promised refund. I tried to call Ride Gear but of course no matter what extension I dialed no one at Ride Gear picked up the phone. So being the problem solver I am, I got creative. I did a reverse phone number lookup on the Internet of all the street addresses near Ride Gear in Santa Cruz, California. Then I called their neighbors until I got ahold of some guy who would listen to me. He listened to me bitch and said he couldn’t do anything to help me. Ten minutes later Stefanie Garrick, the Accounting Manager from Ride Gear, called me. She had no idea what I wanted but knew I was trying to get a hold of her. She said there was no way they could refund my money because they switched credit card processors and I would have to dispute the charge with my credit card bank. I told her that her company already acknowledged that I was due a refund and sent me an e-mail saying I would get one. I told her I was working closely with one of their suppliers and he also promised me a refund. I said this was not my banks problem, it was hers! She said there was nothing she could do! I asked if she could send me a check… after a momentary pause she agreed to send a check.

As of June 3rd I had not received the check and neither myself nor Rene from Helmet House could get in touch with Stephanie at Ride Gear. I wanted to work this out with Ride Gear based on principle, but at this point I decided to go back to my bank. I mailed out my offcial dispute form which I had been holding onto. On June 5th I received a letter from my bank closing my dispute since they had not yet received my form. In a panic I called them and we worked things out. They would process the dispute with Visa.

June 6th was a banner day. I received a “temporary” credit from my bank while they processed the dispute with Visa. June 6th was also the day Brandon from Cycle Gear posted a comment on my blog. He said Ride Gear was indeed in trouble and Cycle Gear was taking over all their orders that had not yet been delivered. This of course helps me in no way and I called Brandon to bitch at him. I know his company had nothing to do with my problems and they were just making the best of a business opportunity but I was gonna give anyone who would listen an earful about this dreaded rip off company. June 6th was also the day I figured out how disgruntled customers could get back at Ride Gear. They can click on “sponsored” advertisements on Google and each click will cost Ride Gear a few cents. Click away my friends!

On June 12th I got an e-mail from Stefanie saying she had received an e-mail from rene and would mail my check out the following day. On the 16th I got an e-mail saying a money order is in the mail. I received a money order for the full amount of my purchase on June 20th! I am sure that the only reason I got this refund was because Rene Monestime of Helmet House is a man of his word and followed through. You can support Helmet House by using Tour Master and Cortech products. I ordered a pair of Tour Master Sentinel rain pants with Nomex heat shield similar to Diana’s rain pants. I ordered from

Don’t ever order from!!!

Check out the 37 comments on my previous post documenting this fiasco: Ride Gear Sucks!

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  1. If you have been defrauded by Ridegear, be sure to file complaints with both the Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau.

    FTC Complaint –

    BBB Complaint –

  2. Yikes! Even I didn’t have that bad a problem. I may have had to send some stuff back for sizing issues, and I also had trouble finding exactly what I wanted, but jeez… least I got what I paid for. I can’t imagine a retailer saying they can’t issue a refund in a case like that. I can imagine the bank not being a big help. Banks suck.

  3. If they are as bad as everyone says they are, I will have to seriously consider dropping them from my website I dont want to be associated with such a company. I have already dropped one outfit from my site because I received one complint in similar vien to htese, so it looks like it will be BYE BYE RIDEGEAR…

  4. Yes, Bye Bye RideGear!

  5. Yup. Same problems here. No product. No refund. Filed complaints with BBB & Paypal, hasn’t helped thus far.

  6. They contacted me sometime in mid 2007 wanting to set up a data feed on my site and asking me to be an affiliate. I am glad now that I turned them down. I guess we really need to watch the companies that we let advertise on our sites. I think I am going to do a goole search on a couple of sites and see what kind of customer complaints I can find on them.

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