Kuryakyn Swingwing Footpegs Part#4466 product review

Kuryakyn Swingwing Pegs 4466

Here is another terrific product I purchased at Marys Bargain Cycle before our Rhode Island trip: The Kuryakyn Swingwing pegs part# 4466. As a rider with mid mount controls I occasionally feel my legs stiffen and need to momentarily stretch them out. Two seconds of useing my cruise pegs does wonders for my circulation and knees. I notice a lot of riders use their highway pegs extensively. So what is a passenger to do? They have to ride for miles with no alternative foot positions, especially if you are riding a bike with pegs.

Close up of swingwing peg

I was going to buy the Harley Davidson Dyna passenger footboard mount kit for $199.95 (footboards NOT included) so that Diana could move her feet around a bit more than the pegs allow, but then I saw these Kuryakyn Swingwing pegs. I bought them for $159.99 at Mary’s in the New Castle Farmers Market. Diana loves them!

Closed position

The Swingwings were not designed as a passenger peg. They are designed to be an inexpensive alternative to a forward control conversion for those of us with mid mount foot controls. The swings give you a set of 3″ forward cruise pegs. In the closed position they are like a mini floorboard with very thick rubber cushion that can be replaced when worn out. For highway cruising you can swing out the wings for two additional foot positions. The passenger can use the inner pegs, the forward highway pegs or bridge her feet diagnally across from the inner to the outer pegs. Diana was very appreciative of the added comfort.

Swing foot position

The staple gun attachment

Installation was simple and Diana was more than willing to assist since this addition was meant for her comfort. She says that in the folded up position they look like chrome staple guns. Folded down they look like jet airplane wings.

My assistant, every guy needs a tool girl

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  1. It is amazing what 3 inches will do for your circulation. I rode near 350 miles in one day on the back of Jay’s bike and my legs never cramped up once! 🙂
    Now if we can find me a comfy seat, then we’ll be in business…
    PS – I still say they look like a staple gun – LOL

  2. I have a set of kuryakan switchblades. Of all the mods to my bike it was probably the best money spent. I rode 400 miles using only the forward controls with o ring pegs……leg cramps aplenty. My bike had no midpegs so the only relief was laying my foot back to the pass peg..not very effective. When I put the switchblades huge diff . I can open them and have almost a floorboard for my boots. major comfort difference. 450 miles with no discomfort at all.

  3. AMEN, BigDaddy!

  4. Thanks Big D, hope you start blogging again.

  5. Damn Princess Di…..I read the article then I saw your picture and had to re-read to see what I missed in the article. You go girl!!!!

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  7. Jay,
    Can you tell me where you got the extensions you are using also?



  8. Brian I picked those up at Mary’s Bargain Cycle at the New castle Farmers Market in New Castle, DE.

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