Harley Davidson Women’s Blue Train Jacket – Product Review

Diana’s new Harley Davidson Jacket

While at Cox’s Northern Tier Harley Davidson on our May 2008 “Return to Mansfield” trip, I spotted a jacket that really caught my eye.  It was basically black with lots of trim in a gorgeous electric turqouise color…and cost $200   🙁    I wasn’t really thinking about shopping at the time, let alone putting additional baggage on the bike for the weekend, so I let it go.  But after arriving home I found I couldn’t let it go.  I looked it up on harley-davidson.com and discovered all of the great features of this jacket.  It is waterproof, windproof, has front & back vents, reflective piping, a bungee cord system on both sides for a custom fit, and even removeable lightweight armor (not to mention the gorgeous embroidery on the back of two tribal style screaming eagles facing each other with the bar and shield logo)!   🙂

Jay’s favorite butt, and rear view of jacket

A few days before “Our Trip with Skip” to Rhode Island, First State HOG held its annual spring barbeque meeting at Mike’s Famous Harley Davidson in New Castle.  The store was closing as we arrived for the meeting, but I saw that they had my jacket.  I tried it on for size and showed it to Jay.  He agreed that it was very attractive and was good quality.  So the next evening we rode up to purchase it along with some S-100 products (thanks for the recommendation, Dave) with our Mike’s Famous Famous Rewards points.  I even threw in a really cute pair of shorts, and we still paid only $108 for the whole lot after redeeming our reward points!

Ride A Harley Shorts

Since the weather report for our Rhode Island trip was calling for some cooler temperatures and a good chance of rain, I decided that my new jacket would be perfect for the trip.  I was right!  The jacket was warm enough to keep me comfortable on the 58 degree mornings, and lightweight enough that it was not too hot until we started pushing 80 degrees in the afternoons.  I didn’t have to worry about stopping and pulling out rain gear for just a little sprinkle because the jacket is waterproof.  It proved to be water resistant in light rain, but I put raingear on for the heavy stuff.  This jacket is much less bulky under rain gear and easier to fold up than my leather.  I felt a little more secure flying down the Jersey Turnpike knowing that I had the built in armor to protect me should we take a spill.  Heck, it had to be better than the lightweight tan color Harley Davidson denim jacket I usually wear when it’s warm out! I love that jacket too! I brought both of them on the trip so I would have something to wear when it got hot in the afternoon.

 I’ve never had a jacket that was vented before, so I had to ask Jay if they normally put vents in the upper part of the sleeves.  I couldn’t help but wonder if someone at HD actually recognized that a large percentage of the time, women will be riding on the back of a motorcycle and simply don’t get as much breeze across their chest as they do on their arms!  It was either a freak coincidence, or it was brilliant! The arm vents could be an inch or two longer.

The fit is fabulous.  The velcro cuffs neatly enclose the sleeve ends over my gloves, so there is no need to go the gauntlet route.  And after purchasing a size Large to fit around my chest, the bungee cords on the sides allow me to tighten the jacket up around my waist for a snug fit all around.  There is also a zipper in the center of the back that expands and contracts the fit around the hips.  It is very comfortable, versatile, and best of all mega-stylish!  I will be getting a lot of use out of this fabulous find.  I love it!

Special thanks to Nicole and her staff at Mike’s Famous Harley Davidson Apparel and Motorclothes Department for their assistance in this purchase and showing us how to redeem our Mike’s Famous Rewards points.

9 Responses to “Harley Davidson Women’s Blue Train Jacket – Product Review”

  1. That’s a sharp-looking jacket! I may have to invest in one in the fall. Thanks for the review!

  2. It’s a special edition available for a limited time only. You might want to grab one up now while you still can 🙂

  3. I’m glad you still got the jacket you wanted, even after passing it up the first time around. I have done that myself. I call it non-buyer remorse. I’ll tell myself no, and put it back on the rack, only to be haunted by my decision for days, until I go back and get it anyway! LOL! It looks great on you!

  4. Thanks Lady R, That’s how I feel about the ladies rainsuit with purple reflective side-stripes that I never got. 🙁
    It is one of the problems I mentioned in my “Women’s Biker Fashions” article…items are available in one store but not another. If you see something that catches your eye, it’s BUY NOW OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEACE!
    I lucked out this time 😀

  5. Diana,
    That’s a really nice jacket! I do like it, but it is a little feminine don’t you think? It looks like a chick biker jacket. Jay is going to get laughed at if he wears it out of the house! LOL!

    Just kidding. Great find!

  6. I love this jacket!!! I just wore it in 37 degrees with a t-shirt and a thin liner. 🙂 The only problem with the clothing is when it come out you need to get it quick because once the season is over…they are gone! 🙁

  7. True that, Wendy!!!

  8. What is the product name of your jacket? It is beautiful and I’m trying to find one like it on ebay. Thanks.

  9. Lee,
    The product name is “HD Womens Blue Train Jacket.” It was a spring offering for 2008. I was able to find one this evening on Amazon (used) for $350, but mine only cost $200 brand new! I also found one (new) on ebay for $99. Both are size small. The item number is 97384-08VW/000S…though I believe the 000S indicates size small. Good luck with your search!

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