V-Twin Chrome Kickstand Extension product review V-Twin part# 27-0521 and Harley Davidson OEM Part# 50214-98A

Kickstand Extension

Another great product: The Jiffystand Extension! I know that sometimes I get down on Harley Davidson and this may be another episode of Jay criticizes the beloved MoCo. Hopefully Diana and I write a balanced website that represents my dynamic love hate relationship with the coolest brand of motorcycles in the world.

The kickstand on my 2007 FXDL Dyna Low Rider is difficult to find with my foot. It’s tucked way under the primary. In my humble opinion this is an engineering flaw on a $17,000 motorcycle. Does the Harley Davidson company know there is such a thing as ergonomics? The killer is Harley Davidson does know this needs to be rectified! They sell accessory part# 50214-98A to correct the flaw at a retail price of $39.95… once again the MoCo marketing people prove to be ingenious at exploiting our brand loyalty. Why don’t they make the kickstand correctly to begin with? Because HD stands for hundreds of dollars in accessories.

I’m not sure if Harley Davidson manufactures this part or if the V-Twin company of Vails Gate, New York makes this. The V-Twin aftermarket part# is 27-0521 for the same exact part and I bought one for $24.95 at Mary’s Bargain Cycle at the New Castle Farmers Market in Delaware. Actualluy, I bought two. I liked it so much I got one for my friend Diesel. Once installed this is a major convenience.

Installation of chrome kickstand extension from V-Twin

I did not have to drill a hole in the kickstand to install the device. I’m not saying this is difficult to install, but it requires 3 hands and I only have two. You have to hold a nut in place with a wrench, screw an allen bolt into the nut, and hold the part in position in order to install the device. If the manufacturer would thread the little plate than it would be a simple two hand operation and the nut would not be needed. Maybe if I did drill the hole I have read about, it would be easier to install.

Finished and a great convenience!

This gizmo is fantastic. This particular part fits FXD models 1990 and up. If you live in Delaware and want to buy one, you can drop by Mary’s Bargain Cycle and ask for one. They usually carry one, just one. I know 301 Cycle in Middletown, DE is also an authorized V-Twin retailer.

Side note to anyone offended by my criticism of Harley Davidson: This is America baby! This is my blog and I can say what I want to! I am fair and truthful, but I may not always be right.  I have an opinion and am willing to share it. I hope that someone at Harley Davidson appreciates my view and someday makes at least one improvement based on my bitching. That would be cool! Believe me, I bitch about a lot of things at work and often times it results in change just to shut me up. So maybe my method works! God bless America and freedom of speech!