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Throttle Boss Product Review – Throttle Rocker II vs Cramp Buster

Throttle Rocker II in package

I am a little behind in writing blog posts but Diana has been picking up the slack for me. We have purchased and tested a handful of products that we still need to write about.

The first miracle product I need to tell you about is a throttle boss. I was starting to experience a lot of wrist discomfort and was thinking my riding future was in danger. I experienced serious discomfort all three days of our Rhode Island trip and was constantly trying to readjust my grip to find a comfortable position. I was unsuccessful.

Skip, who accompanied us on our Rode Island trip, had a Cramp Buster brand throttle boss and was willing to let me try it; but his was 1-3/8″ diamter and my grip required a 1-1/8″ diameter Cramp Buster. The Cramp Buster comes in two diameters and two styles for a grand total of 4 different versions. Check out the cool video on the Cramp Buster home page. You can buy Cramp Buster from JC Whitney. I believe Skip had the Throttle Rocker II prior to having the Cramp Buster and said the Throttle Rocker would loosen on him. I think he meant it would slide out of position. The Cramp Buster looks like it can be readjusted on the fly while riding and the Throttle Rocker II can not. Again, check out the demo video.

Throttle Rocker II throttle boss

I purchased the Throttle Rocker II on Friday and tested it yesterday on a four hour backroad trip (8 hours round trip) to my brothers house in Rockville, Maryland. I bought mine at Mary’s Bargain Cycle at the New Castle Farmers Market and it was worth ten times the cost. It only cost $9.99 and you can get one from J&P Cycles.

The difference was felt immediately and was like night and day. Now I can control the throttle with a loose relaxed grip instead of the death grip. It is like having a lever attached to the throttle so you can use your whole hand including your palm to control the motorcycle. All I can say is this product is a must have item. Do not delay, get one.

The biggest difference between the Throttle Rocker II and the Cramp Buster is the Cramp Buster is a single piece of plastic that wraps tightly around your handlbar grip while the Throttle Rocker uses a velcro strap to wrap the plastic throttle boss in place. The Throttle Rocker is a universal “one size fits all” design while the Cramp Buster comes in two sizes. The Throttle Rocker comes in left and right models which are formed to fit your palm and look just a tad more comfortable than the Cramp Buster which is the same for both left and right. The Cramp Buster comes in a wide and a narrow. It appears from Skip’s comment that the Cramp Buster might be better, but if given a choice of buying a Throttle Rocker or nothing… I would get the Throttle Rocker in a heartbeat! I might even go back and get the left side for balance and comfort.

No tools required for installation. Immediate comfort. Costs less than $10. This is a no brainer!

Kuryakyn also makes throttle boss systems.  One works with special Kuryakyn grips and assembles with tools into a more permanant but adjustable position. You can check out this set up at JC Whitney or J&P Cycles. Kuryakyn also has the Pilot Grip with built in throttle boss, but this doesn’t look adjustable to me.

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Side note for Delaware readers: Mary’s Bargain Cycle has moved to a new location inside the New Castle Farmer’s Market.