Motorcycle Trip to Newport, Rhode Island aka Our Trip With Skip

Alpine Overlook

Rhode Island is in many ways like Delaware since both states are so small. For example the one Moto-Maps route that is in Delaware is halfway in Maryland. The two Rhode Island Moto-Maps routes that are in Rhode Island are half in Connecticut. What is my point? My point is that even though this post is about our “Rhode Island Trip” we rode our bikes in five states: Delaware, New Jersey, Connecticut, New York and Rhode Island.

We had a fantastic trip and I wish I could cover every detail for you but I am going to attempt to summarize this trip.

Saturday June 14th – Day 1

Diana and I met up with our good friend Skip from our HOG chapter at 7:00am at Mike’s Famous Harley Davidson in New Castle, Delaware at the foot of the Delaware Memorial Bridge. We crossed the bridge over to New Jersey and traveled up the New Jersey Turnpike. Traffic wasn’t too bad that early on a Saturday. We got off of the Turnpike in Fort Lee, NJ and jumped onto the Palisades Parkway which was very nice but then we jumped off onto Route 9W North which was just OK. We took some pictures at the Alpine Lookout on the Palisades just before hopping onto 9W. We followed 9W to the Route 287 East across the Tappen Zee Bridge which crossed the Hudson River. From there we caught the Hutchinson River Parkway which was great! Those Connecticut and New York drivers drive very fast on the parkway! You have two lanes with occasional on and off ramps on the right hand side. Beatiful trees and landscaping like most parkways. Very nice! At the state line the Hutch becomes the Merritt Parkway in Connecticut. We pulled into a service area for a pit stop and parked where a motorcycle ride was gathering for a charity ride. We talked with some of the New Yorkers, love the accent! Merging back onto the parkway with the cars travelling at 70+ mph was a little challenging. At the end of the Merritt Parkway we had to get back on the Interstate and took 95 North into Rhode Island. Eventually we got off and took Route 1 to Route 138 into Middletown, RI where we ate at Flo’s Clam Shack. This place is great, you have to go there. The fried clams are awesome! The chowda was great! After dinner Skip gave us a tour of the famous Newport, RI mansions. Then we got ice cream at the Newport Creamery. Yummy! It was getting dark and it was going to rain so we put on our raingear, said goodbye to Skip and headed to West Greenwich where we found a Super 8 Motel that charged less than $100 for a nights stay. It was not easy to find a Motel for less than $90 near Newport. Skip visited overnight with his Mom in Newport. The ride from Newport to West Greenwich was a little scarey. It was dark, it was raining and the New England backroads are anything but flat and straight. On top of that they are lined with Pine Tree’s that drop pine needles all over the road and I didn’t want to find out if they get slippery in the rain. I did however like that the tree’s acted like a giant umbrella in some area’s. I missed one of my turns so I jumped on the Interstate for a short ride to the next exit where the motel was. Even though riding in the dark pouring rain with speeding cars and trucks on Route 95 is a little scarey in the end it worked out well. We got to the Motel a little wet. After unpacking I checked my phone and found that Joker had left me a message. Unfortunately he would not be able to meet up with us while we were in his neck of the woods but he wished us a good trip. Sunday was Fathers Day so I was not surprised that we couldn’t work it in.

Tappen Zee Crossing

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