Jay Green of RoadCaptainUSA.com interview on Honda Motorcycles Blog

Editor of RoadCaptainUSA.com

Cristian at the Honda Motorcycles Blog keeps coming up with great ideas. First he put together a Top 100 Motorcycle Blogs list. Then he started conducting interviews with some of our favorite motorcycle bloggers. Click here to see my interview.

4 Responses to “Jay Green of RoadCaptainUSA.com interview on Honda Motorcycles Blog”

  1. Very nice Jay. Your interview was very interesting and I really enjoyed reading it. I noticed you mentioned me as a favorite. I thank you very much for the kind mention and I feel very humbled. I enjoy my blogging as well as my riding, but both are starting to get in the way of things I need to get done, like housework. Yuck! Thanks again, and congratulations on a great interview!

  2. Very nice! It was almost as good as mine!

  3. I thank you both. I should have figured out a way to mention my used riding boots that are for sale.

  4. Nice. I think the interview deal is a good way to really get to know the other bloggers. I was with you on “what would I change if I was HD” section. I honestly think that half of what you said is starting to happen. I notice that the HD shop here is really catering to customers and the community…the lower prices? err…..not yet, that could be a pipedream brother. Enjoyed reading on your insights. Your right, you just can’t explain it can you.

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