Rock Hall, Maryland – Another Great Motorcycle Destination on the Chesapeake Bay

I have to credit Debbie Babbitt of my HOG chapter for opening my eyes to the amount of free information available about scenic travel. Last year we met for lunch and she showed me an amazing selection of maps, books and brochures published by the State of Maryland. The below pictured brochure folds out to a 17 x 22 poster size map of the Chesapeake Country National Scenic Byway. Click here to order up to 9 FREE brochures from the state of Maryland. I like the 17 x 22 format because you can fold the map into quarters and scan it on your home computer in 8.5 x 11 sections. See one of the sections below. The print outs fit in my magnetic tank map holder.

Chesapeake Brochure

small map

Diana and I didn’t make it to the 2008 Rock Hall Motorcycle show but we rode our Harley Davidson motorcycles to Rock Hall, MD today. We had a great day! 

The Mission: We went to Rock Hall specifically to check out two Bed & Breakfast places because I want to give my Dad a 2 day vacation get away to the Chesapeake as a Fathers Day present. He misses living in New England and going fishing on party boats from Plymouth. Hopefully sending him to this little fishing town in Maryland will be good for him. Unfortunately they don’t have boats like that here. They just have charter boats that you need to get about 6 people together to all chip in and rent the boat for a day. It costs about $600 to do that.

We took Route 213 across the C&D Canal at the Chesapeake City Bridge and followed down past Galena. Of course we were waving at all the motorcyclists coming in the opposite direction. It was great fun to realize one of the couples we were waving to were our friends Chris & Marie Mood from our HOG chapter. We went from normal wave to hyper “hey I know you” wave. I looked like a crazed duck man flapping one wing. Chris has come on all three of the HOG trips I organized, so he is good in my book! We hooked up with Route 298 which merged with Route 20 and went straight into Rock Hall. Our first stop, Swan Haven B&B, is right on Route 20 in Rock Hall.

The owner of Swan Haven, Ron Mansfield, took the time to give me and Diana a full tour of the house. Then we went out to his backyard to check out his dock. It’s like he has his own private alcove. He has these great docks with Adirondack chairs so you can hang out and relax all you want and watch the sun set over the Bay and sip some beer if that’s what you want to do. He also has small boat rentals which was what originally attracted me to Swan Haven. The cost of one night stay is $145 and includes a cold breakfast with fruit. For the location with the dock and the relaxing atmasphere I think it’s worth the price. I might have to go myself or better yet, I might organize a HOG fishing trip!

From Swan Haven, Diana and I rode to the Black Duck Inn. We met with Kate, the owner. I believe she is in the process of having a new place built across the street right on the water but her current house is nice enough. You can stay there for one night with no breakfast for the bargain price of $80. Not quite as nice or structured as Swan Haven but it is walking distance to Waterman’s Crab House. My Dad would like that there are several rooms on the first floor so he doesn’t have to go up any steps.

Our next stop? Well with all the motorcycles parked outside Waterman’s and the live music coming from their deck how could we resist? Our HOG chapter had a ride to Waterman’s last year but Diana and I couldn’t attend. This place is perfect for a HOG ride. No wonder all the motorcycles are parked outside. On the deck they have dozens of picnic tables. Some are under a tent. Lots of seating. Relaxed informal atmosphere. Perfect for bikers. As we walked onto the deck a live band was playing music. We went to the bar and got a couple bar stools. Even though we were on two wheels we ordered 2 beers, Yuengling Lager of course. Then we ordered two shrimp salad sandwiches. Then we ordered two more Lagers. We took some fun pictures to give you an idea of the fun we were having. One dude had a shirt Diana thought was cool, so we took a picture of it.

Can You See Me Now?

Yummy chips A new Tattoo!

From Rock Hall we followed Route 445 South to Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge. We rode over a cool wooden bridge that put us on Eastern Neck Island. We followed the road through the wildlife refuge as far as we could go. Then we explored some gravel roads to test Diana’s dirt biking abilities. We took some great pictures even though were were being attacked by black flys which were bugging me. Diana reminded me “it is a marsh you know”. Then we felt some rain drops and hastily made it back to the bikes. We put on our rain jackets and zipped out from under the rain cloud. We are getting good at putting those rain jackets on! Last year I didn’t take them out of the T-Bag, this year we have worn them on almost every ride.

In the wild!

We took 445 North back to Rock Hall, stopped and took the rain jackets off. From there we followed 20 East back to Route 213 North and pulled into our favorite town, Chesapeake City. We got married in Chesapeake City last summer. Today we got ice cream cones at the Kilby Cream ice cream shop. This is farm fresh home made ice cream from a local dairy farm. It is good! We sat on some benches and watched the boats pull up to our favorite party spot, The Chesapeake Inn. There were a massive amount of motorcycles parked at the Inn also. Must have been a club the way they were all packed in togther blocking each other.

Chesapeake Inn

Mr & Mrs RC in Chesapeake City

Dog wearing a life jacket

Then we took some crazy twisty backroads to Route 896 and crossed the Summit Bridge and headed home.

Rock Hall was 75 miles away and we did 150 miles. Diana’s riding has improved so much! It’s hard to imagine it wasn’t too long ago I was showing her how to operate the clutch and throttle in a school parking lot. Now she is carving up Route 213 at 60mph in perfect form. She is still my favorite riding buddy!

When we got home Diana made a salad and hambuger patties. I grilled the hamburgers and we ate on the patio. The burgers and the salad were both bang’n! It was a fantastic day!

Click here to see more pictures.

Chesapeake City, Maryland

5 Responses to “Rock Hall, Maryland – Another Great Motorcycle Destination on the Chesapeake Bay”

  1. Sounds like a good ride. Love the orange shirt. I saw that at Santa Maria and almost bought one. The only problem is I would never wear it.

    The women riders ride better than most of the guys. I think it has something to do with being able to multitask better than men. Maybe it’s the lower center of gravity? Don’t know, they just seem to have a knack for it.

    Dig the new lager tat.

  2. Yeah, I’m thinking about getting another tat but I can’t decide what or where. Figured I’d try this idea on for size! I kinda like it…but I’d never be allowed to wear short sleeves to work again! LOL

  3. Nice ride. Had all the right features. Proper riding buddy, good scenery, waving, avoiding rain, and most importantly, good food and cold beer.

    I love that tee shirt – and I would wear it. The problem is I never ride without my leather vest on, so nobody would get to read it! The other thing is I’d have to hide it in my saddlebag and change into it both after leaving the house and before coming home so my kids didn’t see it. Too bad – I do like it.

  4. Jay-
    You will not believe this, but Sunday June 1st Mike and I took the EXACT same ride!!! We went to Rock Hall and down to that little wetlands area. We live in Smyrna, so it is a lot closer for us, pretty much a straight shot from our house. We stopped in town and walked around, discovered “Oyster Alley” or something called something like that….it is behind the fishing boat that sits right up off the street. (you know the one?) anyway; it is really cute with a winding path, lots of funky little cottages and flowers.
    We didn’t stop to eat, but the other “hot” spot for bikers is Harbor Shack; we went there on Memorial Day, just a week earlier.
    I can’t believe we were in the same place on the same day!

  5. That’s too funny! Too bad we didn’t bump into each other. We need to visit St. Michaels next.

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