Rock Hall, Maryland – Another Great Motorcycle Destination on the Chesapeake Bay

I have to credit Debbie Babbitt of my HOG chapter for opening my eyes to the amount of free information available about scenic travel. Last year we met for lunch and she showed me an amazing selection of maps, books and brochures published by the State of Maryland. The below pictured brochure folds out to a 17 x 22 poster size map of the Chesapeake Country National Scenic Byway. Click here to order up to 9 FREE brochures from the state of Maryland. I like the 17 x 22 format because you can fold the map into quarters and scan it on your home computer in 8.5 x 11 sections. See one of the sections below. The print outs fit in my magnetic tank map holder.

Chesapeake Brochure

small map

Diana and I didn’t make it to the 2008 Rock Hall Motorcycle show but we rode our Harley Davidson motorcycles to Rock Hall, MD today. We had a great day! 

The Mission: We went to Rock Hall specifically to check out two Bed & Breakfast places because I want to give my Dad a 2 day vacation get away to the Chesapeake as a Fathers Day present. He misses living in New England and going fishing on party boats from Plymouth. Hopefully sending him to this little fishing town in Maryland will be good for him. Unfortunately they don’t have boats like that here. They just have charter boats that you need to get about 6 people together to all chip in and rent the boat for a day. It costs about $600 to do that.

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