AHDRA At Cecil County Dragway – June 28 & 29, 2008

AHDRA Brochure

Diana and I went to the races yesterday at Cecil County Dragway. The All Harley Drag Racing Association was in town. It’s not everyday the AHDRA is in your backyard, or even within a days ride. We rode some great roads, got a little lost, bumped into a few friends, walked through the pits and watched the races.

It was an interesting little day trip. I took some nice backroads in Fair Hill, MD and passed my turn and then lost my bearings. We ended up on Route 40 heading back towards Elkton. Diana set me straight and we got to the races thirty minutes later than expected.

I was surprised to see the Baltimore HAMC at the races, I’m not used to seeing the Hells Angels. The Maryland State Police had a huge presence as well. They had a number of patrol cars, unmarked cars, unmarked SUV’s, Harleys and their mobile Incident Command unit. The mobile Incident Command Center parked on a hill up in front of the whole area and had two video cameras atop two poles that extended about 40 feet over the RV to keep an eye on things. 

Incident Command Center

We bumped into Anthony Digeorgio who is Chairman of the Board for Chesapeake HOG. He was working the RAACE booth promoting their upcoming Rally on August 17th. The 3rd annual Rally for RAACE to raise money and public awareness to prevent child sexual abuse.

Dragway 1

Dragway 2

Dragway 3

Dragway 4

Dragway 5

We also bumped into Jeff Shelton of Independents Chopper. Jeff is the real deal, a modest and talented artist who makes old school style choppers right here in Newark, Delaware. No fancy pretentious Hollywood TV show bullshit, just a regular guy making a living by doing what he loves to do. I brought my first Harley to Jeff’s shop for several repairs and he and his mechanic Bill always treated me like a friend from day one. We bumped into Bill aka Roach at the races also. Bill doesn’t work for Jeff anymore but they are both cool in my book.

Diana took a lot of pictures and video. Then she figured out how to make a video clip using Quicktime and uploaded it to YouTube so we can show you some of the races.  The races were pretty cool. Some of those bikes get over 200mph!

Click here to see more pictures.

The Jacket-Quidick fiasco with RideGear.com

I think I started the below post in April. It is about a bad online purchase made on March 30th and not resolved until June 20th! A three month fiasco finally resolved.

Like Joker, I am experiencing my own online shopping grief! I was advertising for RideGear.com here at RoadCaptainUSA and decided to test them out. I wanted to get a yellow and black jacket as an RC USA theme jacket. I saw an advertisement in a magazine for the Tour Master Pivot 2 textile jacket. It is windproof, waterproof, vented, has a polyfill removable liner and has CE approved armour. It also has a number of useful pockets. I ordered the jacket from RideGear on March 30th and got an e-mail that said I would be notified when the item shipped.


[

S100 Engine Brightner product review

S100 Engine Brightner

The Soggy Hog trip to Mansfield, PA left my Harley Davidson motorcycle filthy! I’m not into cleaning my bike but there was dirt in every nook and cranny after the Mansfield trip. After I cleaned the bike my engine was still dirty. My 2007 Dyna Low Rider has a black powder coated engine with a crinkle texture. The Mansfield grime worked it’s way deep into the cooling fins and turned every inch of that black powder coat crinkle finish to brown!

I asked around and I was told to get the new S100 Total Cycle Cleaner in the red aerosol can but I couldn’t find it. What I did find was the S100 Engine Brightner also in a red aerosol can. I bought it at Mike’s Famous Harley Davidson in New Castle, Delaware.

S100 Engine Brightner is made specifically to renew the look of black finished engines and to get inside those cooling fins. You spray on a thin film of this stuff using the special nozzle that comes with it and it makes your engine look like new! I swear, it looks showroom new again! Wipe off any over spray that gets on your chrome and your good to go. It works fantastic and it did just what I needed it to do. My engine went from brown to black instantly! I missed some places where the exhaust comes out of the front most cylinder and you can see a night and day difference.

It reminds me of when I was a kid and I sprayed WD40 on everything after having read on the can that WD40 makes things shine. Of course it makes everything smell like oil also! I wasn’t a smart kid.

It is several days later and it still looks wet, just like a thin film of oil. The first day after using the product I came out to the parking lot at work and noticed that pollen blowing around in the breeze had stuck to the oily film. I wiped it down with a dry cloth and it looks great again!

If you have a black engine, I highly reccomend you get this right away!

Click here to read about the product at the S100 web site.

Get it at J&P Cycles.

J&P Cycles

Kuryakyn Swingwing Footpegs Part#4466 product review

Kuryakyn Swingwing Pegs 4466

Here is another terrific product I purchased at Marys Bargain Cycle before our Rhode Island trip: The Kuryakyn Swingwing pegs part# 4466. As a rider with mid mount controls I occasionally feel my legs stiffen and need to momentarily stretch them out. Two seconds of useing my cruise pegs does wonders for my circulation and knees. I notice a lot of riders use their highway pegs extensively. So what is a passenger to do? They have to ride for miles with no alternative foot positions, especially if you are riding a bike with pegs.

Close up of swingwing peg

I was going to buy the Harley Davidson Dyna passenger footboard mount kit for $199.95 (footboards NOT included) so that Diana could move her feet around a bit more than the pegs allow, but then I saw these Kuryakyn Swingwing pegs. I bought them for $159.99 at Mary’s in the New Castle Farmers Market. Diana loves them!

Closed position

The Swingwings were not designed as a passenger peg. They are designed to be an inexpensive alternative to a forward control conversion for those of us with mid mount foot controls. The swings give you a set of 3″ forward cruise pegs. In the closed position they are like a mini floorboard with very thick rubber cushion that can be replaced when worn out. For highway cruising you can swing out the wings for two additional foot positions. The passenger can use the inner pegs, the forward highway pegs or bridge her feet diagnally across from the inner to the outer pegs. Diana was very appreciative of the added comfort.

Swing foot position

The staple gun attachment

Installation was simple and Diana was more than willing to assist since this addition was meant for her comfort. She says that in the folded up position they look like chrome staple guns. Folded down they look like jet airplane wings.

My assistant, every guy needs a tool girl

Harley Davidson Women’s Blue Train Jacket – Product Review

Diana’s new Harley Davidson Jacket

While at Cox’s Northern Tier Harley Davidson on our May 2008 “Return to Mansfield” trip, I spotted a jacket that really caught my eye.  It was basically black with lots of trim in a gorgeous electric turqouise color…and cost $200   🙁    I wasn’t really thinking about shopping at the time, let alone putting additional baggage on the bike for the weekend, so I let it go.  But after arriving home I found I couldn’t let it go.  I looked it up on harley-davidson.com and discovered all of the great features of this jacket.  It is waterproof, windproof, has front & back vents, reflective piping, a bungee cord system on both sides for a custom fit, and even removeable lightweight armor (not to mention the gorgeous embroidery on the back of two tribal style screaming eagles facing each other with the bar and shield logo)!   🙂

Jay’s favorite butt, and rear view of jacket

A few days before “Our Trip with Skip” to Rhode Island, First State HOG held its annual spring barbeque meeting at Mike’s Famous Harley Davidson in New Castle.  The store was closing as we arrived for the meeting, but I saw that they had my jacket.  I tried it on for size and showed it to Jay.  He agreed that it was very attractive and was good quality.  So the next evening we rode up to purchase it along with some S-100 products (thanks for the recommendation, Dave) with our Mike’s Famous Famous Rewards points.  I even threw in a really cute pair of shorts, and we still paid only $108 for the whole lot after redeeming our reward points!

Ride A Harley Shorts

Since the weather report for our Rhode Island trip was calling for some cooler temperatures and a good chance of rain, I decided that my new jacket would be perfect for the trip.  I was right!  The jacket was warm enough to keep me comfortable on the 58 degree mornings, and lightweight enough that it was not too hot until we started pushing 80 degrees in the afternoons.  I didn’t have to worry about stopping and pulling out rain gear for just a little sprinkle because the jacket is waterproof.  It proved to be water resistant in light rain, but I put raingear on for the heavy stuff.  This jacket is much less bulky under rain gear and easier to fold up than my leather.  I felt a little more secure flying down the Jersey Turnpike knowing that I had the built in armor to protect me should we take a spill.  Heck, it had to be better than the lightweight tan color Harley Davidson denim jacket I usually wear when it’s warm out! I love that jacket too! I brought both of them on the trip so I would have something to wear when it got hot in the afternoon.

 I’ve never had a jacket that was vented before, so I had to ask Jay if they normally put vents in the upper part of the sleeves.  I couldn’t help but wonder if someone at HD actually recognized that a large percentage of the time, women will be riding on the back of a motorcycle and simply don’t get as much breeze across their chest as they do on their arms!  It was either a freak coincidence, or it was brilliant! The arm vents could be an inch or two longer.

The fit is fabulous.  The velcro cuffs neatly enclose the sleeve ends over my gloves, so there is no need to go the gauntlet route.  And after purchasing a size Large to fit around my chest, the bungee cords on the sides allow me to tighten the jacket up around my waist for a snug fit all around.  There is also a zipper in the center of the back that expands and contracts the fit around the hips.  It is very comfortable, versatile, and best of all mega-stylish!  I will be getting a lot of use out of this fabulous find.  I love it!

Special thanks to Nicole and her staff at Mike’s Famous Harley Davidson Apparel and Motorclothes Department for their assistance in this purchase and showing us how to redeem our Mike’s Famous Rewards points.

V-Twin Chrome Kickstand Extension product review V-Twin part# 27-0521 and Harley Davidson OEM Part# 50214-98A

Kickstand Extension

Another great product: The Jiffystand Extension! I know that sometimes I get down on Harley Davidson and this may be another episode of Jay criticizes the beloved MoCo. Hopefully Diana and I write a balanced website that represents my dynamic love hate relationship with the coolest brand of motorcycles in the world.

The kickstand on my 2007 FXDL Dyna Low Rider is difficult to find with my foot. It’s tucked way under the primary. In my humble opinion this is an engineering flaw on a $17,000 motorcycle. Does the Harley Davidson company know there is such a thing as ergonomics? The killer is Harley Davidson does know this needs to be rectified! They sell accessory part# 50214-98A to correct the flaw at a retail price of $39.95… once again the MoCo marketing people prove to be ingenious at exploiting our brand loyalty. Why don’t they make the kickstand correctly to begin with? Because HD stands for hundreds of dollars in accessories.

I’m not sure if Harley Davidson manufactures this part or if the V-Twin company of Vails Gate, New York makes this. The V-Twin aftermarket part# is 27-0521 for the same exact part and I bought one for $24.95 at Mary’s Bargain Cycle at the New Castle Farmers Market in Delaware. Actualluy, I bought two. I liked it so much I got one for my friend Diesel. Once installed this is a major convenience.

Installation of chrome kickstand extension from V-Twin

I did not have to drill a hole in the kickstand to install the device. I’m not saying this is difficult to install, but it requires 3 hands and I only have two. You have to hold a nut in place with a wrench, screw an allen bolt into the nut, and hold the part in position in order to install the device. If the manufacturer would thread the little plate than it would be a simple two hand operation and the nut would not be needed. Maybe if I did drill the hole I have read about, it would be easier to install.

Finished and a great convenience!

This gizmo is fantastic. This particular part fits FXD models 1990 and up. If you live in Delaware and want to buy one, you can drop by Mary’s Bargain Cycle and ask for one. They usually carry one, just one. I know 301 Cycle in Middletown, DE is also an authorized V-Twin retailer.

Side note to anyone offended by my criticism of Harley Davidson: This is America baby! This is my blog and I can say what I want to! I am fair and truthful, but I may not always be right.  I have an opinion and am willing to share it. I hope that someone at Harley Davidson appreciates my view and someday makes at least one improvement based on my bitching. That would be cool! Believe me, I bitch about a lot of things at work and often times it results in change just to shut me up. So maybe my method works! God bless America and freedom of speech!