The Lower Susquehanna River Tour in Maryland – A Great Motorcycle Ride – Maryland Scenic Byway

Scenic Byway Sign

If you live in Delaware or eastern Maryland than you should try this route. The Lower Susquehanna River Tour is marked clearly as all Maryland state scenic byways are. It runs from Perryville, MD through Port Deposit, Maryland , across the Conowingo Dam to Havre de Grace, Maryland. Diana and I had the perfect day last Sunday riding up and down the Susquehanna on our motorcycles, just the two of us. We put on 130 miles round trip from our house, took some nice pictures and had a great lunch. A good ice cream too!

Two Harleys On The River

The Susquehanna River is the largest non-navigable river in the United States. It pours 19 million gallons of fresh water into the Chesapeake Bay every minute. At some points it is 1 mile wide. At the end of the river where it meets the Chesapeake Bay you have Perryville, MD on one side of the river and Havre de Grace, MD on the opposite side.

The scenic byway starts at the very beginning of Frenchtown Road in Perryville. From there you merge with Rt 222 and enter into Port Deposit, Maryland. We stopped in Port Deposit to take some pictures and had an ice cream. We found an ice cream shop called Shiver Me Timbers which had a tropical island pirate theme going on. The bananna split was very good!

Ice Cream Shop In Port Deposit

From there you continue on Route 222 which passes the Union Hotel. The Union can attract over 200 bikers on any given Sunday. They usually have a live band and pit beef. I’ll have to get you some pictures of the Union in the future. It usually looks like a bike rally is going on.

Princess Di and her motorcycle

At Route 1 you cross the Susquehanna River on the Conowingo Damn and take your first left after the dam. You follow the scenic byway signs through Susquehanna State Park until you arrive at the Havre de Grace promenade. The prominade has an excellent parking lot, great public restrooms and the Promenade Grill. We each got the Chesapeake Platter for lunch. For just under $10 you get a crab cake sandwich, hush puppies, a side order of your choice and a large drink. It was great! Really hit the spot after all that riding. I thought the hush puppies were awesome, but Diana wasn’t into them. Check out the pictures, I hope you enjoy them.

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4 Responses to “The Lower Susquehanna River Tour in Maryland – A Great Motorcycle Ride – Maryland Scenic Byway”

  1. Im drooling right now. Crab cake and hush puppies. My tastebuds just demanded the hush puppies. Been a long time since they were able to carress that golden brown, crunchy, oily, tasty little morsel. Hard to find over here.

    Enjoyed the picts and it looked like a really relaxing day out on the rides. Very cool.

  2. Dave,
    We are off to Rock Hall, MD today…great little fishing/crabbing town on the Chesapeake Bay. I’m sure we’ll have more delectable stories & pics for you in a few hours. Stay tuned…

  3. We took a motorcycle ride tour down and over the Conawingo Road and Dame. We went to a real Great Motel that catered to motorcyclist on Sunday’s and had fantastic shaved (roast beef, ham, turkey or combo of two meats) sandwiches and served up with your choice of drinks and extra’s. But it was really great and motorcycles everywhere if anyone see’s this message and happpen’s to know the Name of the Motel I’m talking about please email me to let me know the name of it Please Thank you. It’s trip or tour everyone should take if you have a motorcycle. Thanks Susan

  4. That would be the Union Hotel Susuan. They can pull in over 100 bikers on any given Sunday. Usually looks like a bike rally going on. Live music and pit beef.

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