More Harley Davidson Fashion! Now I understand what Harley Davidson is all about!

6 Responses to “More Harley Davidson Fashion! Now I understand what Harley Davidson is all about!”

  1. Is David Hasselhoff drunk?

  2. The question is when is Hosselhoff not drunk? Go search for David Hasselhoff drunk. You will almost feel sorry for him…almost.

    Well RC, be comforted knowing that as soon as the next fad comes, all those folks will go chasing after that and forget about the Harley Fashion. It will all be “so yesterday, OMG, fur sure”.

    I got a good laugh out of it. I love the comment from the dude who is the drummer of Blink 182, “I’m not allowed to ride, I still wanna play the drums.” pfffft. Hey, I still wanna jerk off but that didn’t stop me from riding!

    Well, that’s part of today’s HD experience, but not what it’s all about. I’m in love with my bike, In love with the road and the adventure that comes with it. I actually felt sort of good watching it because those people have no idea what they are missing out on. I know what it’s about for me and that is the only I really care about.

    Man, if you really think about it, it was the ultimate compliment to the soul riders. They are trying to anything in desperation to taste that slice of Americana…it all goes back to the whole, “If I had to explain it to you, You wouldn’t understand”. Some will never get to taste it, truly sad. Hell yeah, I am a lucky man.

  3. Yeah, go have another drink Hasselhoff and cry over your crashed Harley in the garage! Puke! I really want that blonde’s must have jewelry, the Run DMC necklace. I need a new kitchen trivet to put my hot pans on! Jay, most riders I know keep it real. This is not real!

  4. Dave always brings up an excellent point and sort of a silver lining or more like a positive way to view this crap. You’re right. These B level celebrities and a lot of A levels with all their money are trying to grasp at what we have! They want to be us. We are the bomb! Wow, that blows my mind! Thanks Dave.

  5. That was horrible. *gag*

    They’re really scraping bottom with their so-called celebrity endorsements. The Hoff?? Please! LOL!!
    Dave beat me to it, it’s when is he NOT drunk? Sad.

    I still love to see hot chicks in biker clothes, but I can’t say I’m a fan of this presentation. What a bunch of plastic people (not to mention plastic tits!).

    I will say it’s refreshing to know that with all the dough those fruitcakes have, being in front of a mike in a H-D jacket doesn’t make them one-tenth the biker a poor guy like me is. As I said before, it’s unfortunate what they lower themselves to in order to generate income. For them it’s all about money. For us, it’s all about the ride and the people.

    As long as we stick to our basic principles, who cares what they do?

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