Harley Davidson Fashion Show? Does anyone find this disturbing? Gee, I hope the wind in my hair doesn’t muss up my hair.

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  1. I might have to give up my Harley because I’m not ready for the world of high fashion. Why does it seem that Harley Davidson is more about image, marketing and selling over priced merchandise than creating functional protective gear at an affordable price that real riders can enjoy? This fashion show garbage with half naked models dancing around in HD underwear makes me want to puke. And, I hate cute kids! Please someone pinch me and tell me this is a nightmare! Someday someone at the Motorclothes division is going to wake up and realize the women who ride Harleys have real bodies and don’t want to prance around half naked in a leather halter top while riding down the expressway at 60mph. Nothing against black leather halter tops and lingerie, but let Victoria’s Secret sell that stuff. HD should focus on making riding apparell that fits and protects the real riders, not the wanna be fashion show trophy bike people. Screw It, Lets Ride!

  2. I have mixed feelings about this. I personally wouldn’t wear half that crap. However if you look at it from a business stand point, look at the turnout they got from it. H.D. needs to do whatever they need to do make money and obviously there is a market for this stuff. If people are going to buy into it and keep my local shops open then I’m all for it.

  3. I understand what you are saying about the business perspective BB but am I the only one sickened by the blatant commercialism and disregard for the real customer base? Or am I wrong and the wanna be bikers are the real customer base and we are the minority? And that my friend leads me right back to wanting to puke!

  4. Can’t agree with you on this one Jay.

    I love half-naked women. I don’t care if they’re half-naked in H-D motorclothes or half-naked in Mary Jane’s and Hello Kitty backpacks. The Motor Company knows that sex sells – not exactly a news flash my friend. I hate to be blunt, but if H-D as a business doesn’t make money and succeed financially, then it would be our beloved Iron Horses which would be at stake, not the halter tops.

    Sure, they could broaden their line of women’s motor clothes to include women who are not Barbie dolls. I’m sure they eventually will. For right now, I think they’re doing fine. We have plenty of women with hips and tits in Blackstone, and they seem to have no trouble finding nice motor clothes to wear, H-D and otherwise.

    Stop puking and start drooling. It’s much healthier.

  5. Joker, you crack me up bro! LOL! I just wish I still looked like I did when I was in my 20’s, then I would have no problem with H-D motorclothes. Since this is not the case, I have to pick and choose what works for me with my current attributes.

    Here’s a fashion statement for ya! Last week, H and I rode double on my Glide over to our H-D dealership to pick up H’s bike. He had a tire put on. We went over right after work and I didn’t even change my clothes before we left. On our way home, while I was riding my Glide back, I realized I still had my Dental Scrubs on, and I was in Fuschia Pink, trimmed in Lime Green with flared bottoms and tennis shoes! Because my pant legs were flared with a small split at the bottom, they would fill with air and fly half way up my leg. I probably looked quite a sight! At least I had my H-D ankle socks on! How’s that for tough!

    So, Jay, I guess there comes a time when you have to decide not to let all that high dollar sex driven hype get you down. It is business, and we have to take the good with the bad. Just be glad you control how you spend your own money and you can throw your dollars to whoever you want to have them! I think those who are in it for the “ride”, know better!

  6. I gotta give the MoCo some credit. I submitted my article on women’s biker fashions to First State HOG’s monthly newsletter. Our director loved the article so much she submitted it to the regional offices. And last week she got a phone call from some upiity-up in the motorclothes division asking for specifics on what we want to see them offer! šŸ˜® Their selections this year are already better than I have ever seen, and they are working to try to please us.

    But I still think the “fashion show” on that video is a ridiculous circus!!

  7. Joker- as always you have the perfect words. All though I am a little worried about the Hello Kitty backpacks. lol.

    Lady R- I’m loving the visual of you on the Glide in your scrubs. You may start a new fashion wave.

  8. I have to say that all the white folks jamming on the air guitar is what really disturbed me. I found it disturbing that the models just couldn’t walk normal. I always walk like that when I am out and about. Oh well…as long as I have a shop to go to that carries parts and bikes, I’m happy. Let everyone else do what they want to. Power to the consumer! (my fist in the air)

    It just so happens I have a pocket full of one dollar bills and I, for one, am not going to spend it on H-D high fashion. (well, gloves because they are of good quality). I am going to put it into a scholarship fund to help some poor college girl finish her degree. The more I donate, the sooner she can graduate and get herself out of that strip club. RC and Joker, I want you to contribute to this worthy cause also…I’ll met you there.

  9. I have contributed to that fund too much already.

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