Cleaning Melted Plastic Off Chrome With Blue Job – Product Review

Blue Job and Blue Job Pipe Wipes

The first time I wore my First Gear Sierra nylon rain pants they melted onto my chrome exhaust pipes just a HOG’s whisker past the heat shield. I was pissed! FLHX Dave from the Road Grits Cafe came to my rescue with another one of his now famous product reccomendations.

Melted Plastic See that nasty black plastic?

At the time I was more amused by the product name: Blue Job. Shortly thereafter I wrote a post on the product but was still focussed on the amusing name and partly goofing around. Then the owner and inventer of Blue Job contacted me and we got to talking about the unique qualities of Blue Job. Blue Job was originally invented as a polish for valuable gems. Unlike traditional chrome polish Blue Job is non abrasive and does not create swirlies. It is a deoxidizer and will take the blue out of heat stained pipes. It comes with a special non abrasive cloth similar to a gem cloth that will not scratch. Jeff was kind enough to send me a Blue Job care package which included some Blue Job for me to try out. So I tried it!

Jeff told me that Blue Job comes as a powder and you moisten it a little and create a thick paste that takes out problem stains like bluing, burnt on plastic, burnt on rubber and also burnt on girfriend skin… ouch! He said it takes a lot of elbow grease and that he reccomends wrapping the Blue Job cloth around a pine carpenters pencil. He said the pine won’t scratch your pipes. You can add more water for a diluted chrome polish that will make your chrome so bright you gotta wear shades!

I finally tested the product on that burnt on plastic. I opened the cute little jar and was surprised at how little product was actually in there. The cloth that comes in the jar is small also. That is why Blue Job sells larger Blue Job Pipe Wipes. I spit into the jar and made a really thick paste and dabbed it onto my exhaust pipe with the little chrome polish cloth. I covered the melted plastic stain. Then I wrapped the cloth around a piece of pine I had in the shop. I rubbed very hard. I applied more Blue Job. I rubbed hard. I repeated the cycle until the stain was gone. It wasn’t easy, but it worked!

All better now!

It really makes the chrome shine so bright you gotta wear shades! I just can’t imagine a small jar of this stuff lasting more than one general cleaning if you were to use it as a general use chrome polish. For now I have to say it actually does take melted plastic off chrome exhaust pipes and therefore it is awesome! For those of you looking for a solution to melted on plastic, here it is! Buy it at J&P Cycles.

J&P Cycles

If nothing but the best will do for your bike, go ahead and use it as your chrome polish. Your chrome will dazzle! Also, I wanted to mention this is a 100% American made product from Washington.

6 Responses to “Cleaning Melted Plastic Off Chrome With Blue Job – Product Review”

  1. I don’t have any plastic pants on my pipes but I do have bluing. I’ll give the blue job stuff a try on it and use my regular chrome cleaner to finish the job. It doesn’t take care of bluing too well.

  2. We may have joked on it last go round, but I bought some! I have blue pipes past the heat shield, and I am going to see if it does the trick for me.

    Check out my blog. I just posted a video about a deer crossing the road. Made me think of your Mansfield trip when you said that happened to two of your riders. It’s a cool shot.

  3. Wow! Thanks for the product demo! Looks great. I think we’ll try this stuff on my pipes…they’re a bit blue.

  4. Stuff works! Blued pipes take some effort but beats the alternative, which was “can’t do anything about the blues.” 0000 steel wool and blue job cleans rust up pretty good also.

  5. Dave I got me some S100 products today! My bike is still filthy from the Soggy HOG Ride.

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