Cleaning Melted Plastic Off Chrome With Blue Job – Product Review

Blue Job and Blue Job Pipe Wipes

The first time I wore my First Gear Sierra nylon rain pants they melted onto my chrome exhaust pipes just a HOG’s whisker past the heat shield. I was pissed! FLHX Dave from the Road Grits Cafe came to my rescue with another one of his now famous product reccomendations.

Melted Plastic See that nasty black plastic?

At the time I was more amused by the product name: Blue Job. Shortly thereafter I wrote a post on the product but was still focussed on the amusing name and partly goofing around. Then the owner and inventer of Blue Job contacted me and we got to talking about the unique qualities of Blue Job. Blue Job was originally invented as a polish for valuable gems. Unlike traditional chrome polish Blue Job is non abrasive and does not create swirlies. It is a deoxidizer and will take the blue out of heat stained pipes. It comes with a special non abrasive cloth similar to a gem cloth that will not scratch. Jeff was kind enough to send me a Blue Job care package which included some Blue Job for me to try out. So I tried it!

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