Moto-Maps And Map-Sak Product Review – Delaware & Maryland Loop

Moto-Maps Delaware

Keith Myers, President and Founder, of Moto-Maps didn’t want you all to wait till June for me to test and review the Moto-Maps system on Road Captain USA…  so he sent me the Delaware & Maryland Moto-Map Back Road Touring Guide along with a Map-Sak. Diana had to go to Baltimore Saturday so I took the opportunity to try the only Delaware Moto-Map route. It’s called the Red Ride and is documented as being 210 miles and taking approximately 5 hours. I measured 250 miles in 7 hours.

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After riding in the rain in staggered formation with a passenger for three days straight the previous weekend I needed to get out on the road all by myself unrestrained for some 96ci V-Twin therapy! No worries, just me and the pavement! I stripped all touring accessories off the bike and put the compact Stop & Go tire repair kit in my riser bag. My bike felt feather light as I backed it out of the porch-garage. Without a passenger, loaded saddlebags and two tons of raingear I guess it should feel lighter. Ah the acceleration! All stress from the past work week melted away when I hit the throttle.

The Moto-Maps are little 3.5″ x 6″ laminated cards bound by two ring hooks. The front of each card is a map and on the back are the turn by turn directions. I took out the card for the Red Ride and scanned the map on our scanner. I printed an 8.5″ x 11″ color print out of the map and inserted it into my magnetic tank mounted map holder. Then I put the Moto-Map turn by turn directions in the Map Sak pocket and strapped it to my right forearm. Later I switch it to my left arm which worked much better.


The map and directions have each turn lettered from the starting point A through the ending point K. I picked up the ride at point C because that is where I live. Wearing the Map Sak on my left arm I was able to read the directions easily. I used my trip-meter to keep track of the miles turn to turn which made following the directions a snap.

Map Mounted

In a few minutes I passed the Maryland state line and was taking Route 213 across the Chesapeake City Bridge overlooking Chesapeake City where Diana and I were married last July. Route 213 carried me deep down into the Chesapeake region and is also part of the Maryland Chesapeake Country scenic byway. I passed lots of farms. Down South the loop cut across East back into Delaware where I entered Seaford on Route 13. I stopped at Harley Davidson of Seaford and bought Diana a pair of cute fleece Harley Davidson summer shorts. Then I got back on the road and followed Route 24 to the coast. Unfortunately I didn’t get any views of the beach. I hooked up with Route 1 which really isn’t much of a “backroad”. I stopped at Billy Bob’s Bike Barn but apparently they have moved to Dover. A pack of Harleys from Pennsylvania were whizzing by heading North on Route 1. By their formation I am guessing they are a HOG chapter but no one in the pack was wearing colors. I caught up with them and rode 3 seconds behind their sweep up until Route 9. At Route 9 I hopped off and followed it all the way back up home. Route 9 is one of 2 scenic byways in Delaware and meanders through farmlands and marshland along the Delaware Bay.

Recently I have been asked by members of the Endless Mountains HOG chapter and by Cristian at Honda Motorcycles Blog about the roads here in Delaware. I didn’t realize it, but all of you are probably wondering what it’s like here. So I took a lot of pictures to give you an idea of what the Delmarva Peninsula is like. There are a lot of farms, inlets from the bay and little towns with crab shacks. Click here to see pictures.

Little Creek, DE

Delaware City Dridge

These Maryland and Delaware back roads were very relaxing. There was no traffic, not even on this Memorial Day weekend. There are no twisties, S-turns or hills to write home about. The Map Sak and the Moto-Map directions were fantastic! I highly recommend getting the Map Sak and the Moto-Maps (click here).

Where is Jay?

I love all the Porta Johns at St. Augustine’s Beach, but this one is my favorite! 

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  1. I agree about riding formation being a lot of work. LIke you, I enjoy it for a while and then need to cut loose. The pictures turned out well. Nice job ( not that I’m any sort of photo whiz myself ). Outhouses loom large in my weekends as a trainer. There’s several from a company who claims to be Number 1 in the Number 2 business! I guess it goes to show that no matter what business you’re in, there’s things to take pride in!

  2. Thanks Dan.

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